Non-fiction Book to Movie Ideas: Awful or Acceptable?

I’m voting awful. Granted, I tend to be a little harsh with my judgement, so maybe I should just lighten up, but I just saw the trailer for What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and I wanna slap the producer for reasons which I can’t even explain. In the interest of forthrightness, I must admit I haven’t seen any of these (and I probably never will), but I hear the title and it makes me cringe:

  • Super Size Me
    Hey everyone, let’s all be shocked- McDonald’s is really bad for your health! I guess it was ultimately a valuable movie since it raised so much negative publicity for the trash they were peddling as food, and now we do have slightly more healthful options in fast food… but really. As if capitalizing on a thing like that and getting haled as a hero afterward wasn’t enough, they turned it into a movie. Barf.

  • The Darwin Awards
    This was supposed to be based more on the concept of the idea behind the Darwin Awards, but, I think I’m safe in calling it a thinly disguised effort to cash in on the title.

  • Fast Food Nation
    See fast-food movie rant above. (By the way, I’m no fan of the fast food industry, I just think it’s like hunting down a rat, telling everyone how ratty your rat is, and then being honored for your boldness in blowing the whistle on it. It’s junk food- don’t expect me to be impressed when you tell me it’s bad to eat.)

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex *but were afraid to ask
    LOL! A movie based on a title like that… leave it to Woody Allen…
    nuff said.

Am I being obnoxious? Am I wrong? Business is business, but do these things really deserve to be made into movies?



  1. Hello..Thank you for the ‘like’. IRe your post..I find the movies almost impossible when rendering one artist’s art. I think the writers have the best chance..for no matter how others..from the director..then as you aptly pointed out..various sponsers..thru producers..or..just very wealthy producers, a writer always has his hard copy, and the ever precious registered mail to self..unopened. 🙂 until govt. cright.
    Peace Tony

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    In honor of some changes coming to the blog, I’m shamelessly ripping off my friend’s post. This Friday, look for the post first in a new series called “Friday Fanatics,” in which I’ll pick the scab years of accumulated ignorance off of the right-wing subculture. On Saturday, I’ll give you something to repent of with a review of a novella the author refers to as “gleeful smut” in my Sinful Saturday series. Finally, on Monday, you can look for the first post in a comparative series titled “Book or Movie Monday.” (Alliteration FTW!)

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