Viktor & Rolf

Got the image from Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

I need to pay more attention to Viktor & Rolf. The Spring 2012 collection is really quite beautiful. I read a post today (yesterday, by the time this publishes) on RCFA about Jessica Chastain (pictured above) with one of the dresses wearing her. It’s kinda sad, because it doesn’t exactly fit her and doesn’t exactly suit her and the colors are like bleach on her skin.

That’s not very nice for me to say, but I love the dress and I do hope this line gets some better showings. The color scheme for the whole line is vibrant and the structure of the different looks is so unique. I just posted my favorites on Giraffodilly, and you can check out the whole line on



  1. Rachel Said:

    The two long gowns above, to me, look something out of the movie alice in wonderland. I like how they have a traditional princess shape but sort of push the envelope in the type of design…very pretty. You know when you want to be modest sometimes I think your fashion options are a little limited, I however try to be a little quarky in my dressing. (no fundie frump here…lol) Like today I found the cutest Jones NY dress in the Thrift store… right below the knee,hot pink and black random design paired with a black belt and boots…it’s still fun to be a girl. Hey maybe you could start the “Christian” version of “What not to wear.”

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Oh seriously! The fashion industry is just not excited about hiding people’s bodies… It’s like a battle trying to find everyday stuff to wear that isn’t inappropriate (so I’ve taken up sewing, although I’m not very good at it yet). When I went to college (the first time around) getting formal wear for the required “fine arts” activities was such a bear. Thrift shopping and stitching little bits of fabric here and there to make sure everything was completely covered… ack. What a pain. And don’t even think about swimming clothes! BTW, you should look at this link now that I’m on the subject. 🙂

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