I have been remiss in mentioning a very important part of my life: Zebraohanalia from which I get all my witt and wizddum and that it’sssssoooo cool and smart making to be smart. so that’swhyyou should go there and seeee my mom who keeps it.

It’s about Zebras and also politics and also eggs and some music.
(I should also mention that my mom has the soul of a copy editor/english major even though she was never either, in case you’re wondering about my lapse in language arts here… it’s a little joke for her benefit)



  1. zebranay Said:

    I just checked out your link for zebraphanalia & must say it is very happy & lighthearted with just a touch of whimsey. Your mother must be a charming & engaging sort of person. I wish my mother was like that.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Oh thanks for those kind remarks. I’ll be sure to tell her that the next time I visit her in the asylum where she lives. She likes to blog sometimes when they don’t have her in the basket-weaving classes, and usually she can still understand me. Since they started the electroshock therapy, she’s been a little wooly, but I’m sure your comment will brighten up her day. Hee hee…

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