Bethel Baptist Church is made up of ordinary people.

Right now there’s so much tension in our church family and so many people assuming badly of each other, and I keep thinking about this song today. Maybe we’ll get through this okay, maybe we’ll crumble and end up ostracizing one another, I really don’t know. We’re all just ordinary people, folks. There’s no Boris Badenov among us, (speaking from a purely shallow, human level) who’s just looking for ways to be evil.

I’m convinced that everyone is just trying to do what they think is right. How I wish we could all just start mentally saying that to one another. I feel like it would change so much for the better. This has been a very rough year in our church.



  1. ila Selene Said:

    I understand and wish you nothing but peace and understanding

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks for your kind wishes 🙂

  2. Linda Said:

    When your home church is having problems, it is as bad a a family having problems. I sometimes wonder where God is going to put us in Heaven? Does He have lots of corners?

    I hope everything will work out soon.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      lol! Lots of corners indeed. Sometimes I feel like we’re all just so many children (but at a certain age we’re expected to pretend like we’re not anymore).

  3. ordinary me Said:

    It is sad what the church is going through but it needs to happen, things need to be truthfully and fully disclosed and people need to humbly own up to their stuff for healing to happen. They shouldn’t waste more time trying to avoid the inevitable. As far as the song goes, I didn’t like the portrayal of physical abuse in it as if that is just “ordinary”.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      I agree, although I don’t know that this venue is necessarily the way to air our disagreements. I feel that the catharsis needs to happen, but I worry that bringing this up in this type of forum as it is being done will tend to result in mud slinging and bloodshed and hurt feelings, rather than healing. Don’t ask me how to do it better- that part I haven’t quite worked out.

      Also- the song- I hadn’t really thought of it in those terms. I took the whole thing as, people fighting and being cruel to their family members, even though they love each other. That part is heartbreakingly normal, and I think he’s kind of singing to people who know that their relationship is a wreck, but they still want to keep it going because of their love toward each other. Just some thoughts.

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