Stone Octopi (and some other less weighty stuff)

This beautiful octopus was created by Canadian artistJason Nelson, a minimalist sculptor with an amazing collection.

He has a set of gorgeous handmade stone bowls here. Click here to browse his gallery and before you leave, vote for him in the Artists Wanted contest.

After my last (depressing) post (sorry to be so dreary), I thought I should probably lighten up a bit, so here is a bunch of totally brainless crap that you would only care about if you had nothing important going on in your life at all. Or if you wanted pretend like there’s nothing of consequence to occupy your braincells with.

  • Kate Gosselin is promoting some new gig in a tacky dress. She’s got such a strange face- she’d be beautiful if she didn’t look like a brick disguised as a woman or something. Parent pimps make me so sick that I’m not sorry for being snarky at all, but really- that dress was designed for a hormonal fifteen year old who wants to look trashy. A few more inches in the hemline would really have been welcome.
  • This is a cool list of movie monologues that I found on IMDB.
  • The new Keifer Sutherland show looks pretty cool. Man, I watched a lotta his movies when I was a teen.
  • Daniel Radcliffe, in exercising his skill of declaring things he probably shouldn’t declare, has announced the date of when he… um… considers his current relationship to have… um… commenced (10 minutes in). It’s pretty darn funny. I kind of hope she slapped him after the interview. Also, I think I talk too much about him, but I’m definitely seeing The Woman in Black when it comes out.
  • I don’t get the appeal for Nikki Minaj. She just released a little ditty entitled “Stupid Hoe”. I could talk about her costumes, lyrics, and the silly voice she uses, but I won’t. Well, at least she goes around proudly anouncing that she never sold drugs to get ahead in her career. That’s good, at least. BTW, I linked to the song, but I’ve never listened to more than thirty seconds of it- I would not expect the rest of the song to be any better than the title, so click at your own risk.
  • Oprah just graduated a buncha girls from her leadership academy. Good work, ladies. ❤

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  1. I sort of liked the more depressing post better. John Legend is awesome, and I completely agree that people try to do what they think is best most of the time. Especially spiritually minded people- that’s their goal in life, to grow. But I have no feelings about Keither Sutherland, and I don’t know who Kate or Nikki are. I’m so uncool.

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