Lego Jewelry Anyone?

My childish nerd self ran headfirst into my costume jewelry addict self and invited my eternally-starting-new-projects self over to join the fun. I found this post on the Berry today and immediately knew in my heart that I needed to start a new unfinishable project: making lego jewelry! Ooooooh.

I’m absolutely beside myself about it. I’m giddy. I’ve got something wrong with me.



  1. zebranay Said:

    You do have a problem dear but I partially blame myself for not beating you enough as a child. On the other hand, Zoby & I looked it over & we rather like the lego jewelry.

  2. kirinjirafa Said:


  3. totally random but thought I’d send you a link of someone you like very much 😀

    is there a way to post on someone’s blog like a facebook? or does it not work like that?

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      ❤ her! thanks for sharing 😀
      and i just sent you an email, but the answer is yes you can post on someone else's blog if you get permission- there's a setting in wordpress that you can adjust to make a person an author on your blog. did you have some guest-blogging ideas up your sleeve here or were you just asking cuz you had an adorable emma picture to share?

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