I made a necklace.

My buddy came over last night and we had a jewelry party together- she made an amazingly cute bracelet and I made an amazingly cute necklace, and we are both now amazing for this. I’ve taken to using chain in my jewelry making these days because it’s so much more resilient than crimping beads on a wire. This project started when she and I got to talking about the lego jewelry I had just posted, and I had intended to post my newly crafted lego earrings or whatever, but instead this came out:

I went back and forth on whether I wanted the bead in the center on the bottom to be as big as it is, and my buddy voted on keeping it that way. This morning, however, I looked at it again and decided to switch it out. It hangs in more of a curve this way- with the heavier bead it hangs into a V-shape. I kind of can’t make up my mind which way I like better.

Isn’t the owl cute?



  1. Rachel Said:

    Very pretty…etsy??

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      oooh good idea- i seriously should set up an etsy account for the stuff I make. esp if i don’t plan to keep it forever, although this one I probably will.

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