I feel like I shouldn’t encourage this sort of thing…

but well, here is Lana Del Rey, the up-and-coming sort of indie, sort of grunge, sort of folksie but in reality just pretending to be all these things new name on the YouTube scene.

I wasn’t super excited by this song the first time I heard it, but by the end I thought I’d play it again, and then suddenly it was like opium or something. I just couldn’t stop listening… it’s really quite a hypnotic song. I don’t even know why. The lyrics are a bit silly, really, and her image is under fire as a pretentious rich kid trying to look like an artist instead of the next Rebecca Black (and her live performances are quite, quite bad). Whatever. I can’t seem to stop playing this song. It’s got such a weird melancholy, dreamy sound.



  1. Rachel Said:

    Hypnotic…I had the same reaction…part of it is that fact that she isn’t just your average beautiful girl…I wanted to look at her face but the way the video clipped her every time she sang, it made me want to keep trying to get a better look…like good art you just want to stare

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Really! She’s got a beautiful, soporific quality that makes you wanna overlook all the flaws in her act… lol. I feel so snrky talking about her, but every time i started a sentence it ended with something about how phoney and obnoxious she was but I can’t stop listening. So catty.

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