The Hunger Games, Roger Corman, and a Brief Reaction to the Movie

Hubby and I went out and dutifully watched The Hunger Games this weekend. My overall impression was quite favorable. Jennifer Lawrence was remarkable, the costumes were brilliant, and the script was faithful to the book. On the negative side, the other tributes’ acting was a little thin. They didn’t seem very tramautized by the situation they found themselves in, and the emotional pacing zipped right by. I found the shaky camerawork distracting, and the digital transfer quality was surprisingly grainy. The storytelling was enjoyable, but because of the technical awkwardness, I would give it 6-7 stars out of 10, with the recommendation that you watch it.

I enjoyed it enough that I have been reading random Hunger Games news items for fun since then and rereading the books and doing general nerdy stuff like that, which brings me to the picture on this post. Maybe you have to be one of those nutcases (like me) who really likes crappy movies, but I have watched more than my share of Roger Corman masterpieces. posted a set of movie posters for The Hunger Games, as they would appear in the hands of a different director. They are awesome, but the best one was the Roger Corman poster. It’s making me want to go and make Cormanesque posters of other popular movies.

“She-Devil Deathmatch in the Blood Arena!” Seriously- just try saying that out loud without laughing.


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