Hi. Coupons. Haiku… pons. Haikupons.

I’m sooooo glad I caught myself before I threw this in the trash. It arrived a while ago and sat in a stack of junk mail and ads, and nearly got pitched when I read the cover:

It’s a booklet of coupons, but they’re all in HAIKU . Heaven help my heart.

This was on a page with a coffee coupon.

And this one was next to a coupon for cheese. Presumably. Actually, I’m guessing because I didn’t read the coupons themselves. But this probably had to be by a cheese coupon. Thanks, cows.

There were about six others along with these- poetry in marketing. Amazing no? I’m thinking the writer has a very unhealthy relationship with toilet paper, but who even cares! HE WROTE A HAIKU ABOUT TOILET PAPER!

See, this is why I shop at Target. They’re so posh. Poetry coupons! The way I figure it, if we’re gonna feed a corporate monster at least I’d rather fork it over to the ones who spread a little charm around them, instead of the ones who gender blogs about what an eyesore even their patrons are…

Makes sense, right?


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