Enchanted Crumbling Plaster

Discovering a brilliant artist with an original medium is one of my great delights in life. I should have a category for cool artists. As I am typing this, I do not have such a category, but I probably will by the end of this evening. Maybe a widget featuring some amazing person who had a fresh idea and made dazzling artwork out of it. I dunno. (Downloadable flash cards! That’s it!)

If you’ve never heard of Vhils (real name is Alexandre Farto), he is a Portuguese artist with an impressive portfolio. I first read about him in the current issue of Hi-Fructose magazine, and as soon as I saw the article I knew I would have to post him. These pictures from his website are portraits he carved into different exterior walls. Just look at them for a moment and take in the detail. Breathtaking, brilliant, inspiring… I know gushing smacks of lazy writing, but isn’t this impressive?

These portraits have the still-life aura of a marble statue, except for the vibrant intelligence in ‎the eyes. While the chiseled rubble looks ancient, almost broken-down-section-of-town feeling, ‎those are anything but dead faces. There’s an exquisite balance in the contrast. Breathing, ‎thinking people, looking out over a pile of debris.‎

I think I wanna cut a face in the side of my garage now.


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