Animals Who Are Disappointed with You.

Short post- here’s a cute kid story that I thought of today when I saw this link.

This shark is very disappointed with you.

One of my preschoolers told me he was allergic to sharks once. Allergic to them. It was so darn funny- I asked him if he was saying that because he thought he might get hurt if he came too near a shark (trying to guide him into a better understanding of the term he’s using- see, I’m being such a good teacher). He answered that, yes, if he came near a shark he would be hurt. Then he followed it with, “If I accidentally touch a shark, I might get hurt, and the shark would be very disappointed in me.”

Just plain awesome.

Anyway, that came to my mind when I saw this group of animals who are not angry with you, but honestly need to say that you’ve let them down.


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  1. zebranay Said:

    Love it!

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