Pretty much the best birthday, like, of all time, basically.

So, my husband, who is pretty much awesome and what not has built me a delicious cake.

It is a liger. Since its inception, I have learned that there is actually a real, honest-to-goodness animal called a liger, but this is the liger from Napoleon Dynamite, bred for its skills and magic. It is pretty much his favorite animal, although mine would be the giliger, which is like a liger mixed with a GIRAFFE, bred for skills and magic combined with super awesome ninja warriorhood! That, my friend, would be one tough cookie of an animal! Maybe a cake idea for a later year?

inside text: "...and your wildest dreams will come true!"

This homemade card was on top of my present, which is a monster defense kit.

It came with an instruction booklet:

Fluffy blanket, a monster snorkel, an amazingly informative instructional DVD, and several other very helpful items were included in this box. I now have Batman pajamas. I am invincible.

Also, in honor of cool things happening on April 29th, I will never grow tired of this image:

Happy Anniversary, you two!

A giliger drawing has been requested. I submit the following for your approval. I felt the unicorn horn made it more authentic, and considering adding some extra details like nunchucks or have it fart, but decided it was classier as is. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. Seriously- does the big butt make it look like a legit ND drawing, or does it just come across as a rip-off? I can’t really decide.



  1. Amy Meyers Said:

    Glad you had a nice birthday. John did an awesome job!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks 😀

  2. Karen B Said:

    Bethany, That is an AWESOME cake . .great job JOhn. Hope you had an amazing birthday!!

    • kirinjirafa Said:


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