A Bittersweet Time is Approaching

The other night I watched an episode of Raising Hope on Hulu, and this song came on in the background of a sad departure scene. Somehow it seemed to fit so perfectly- you can’t always end up with what you want, but you usually get what you need. Argh. I just realized that I can’t embed it. Oh well. GO watch it on YouTube anyway.

My entire job is to make the little people in my care grow. It requires nurture and care, and necessarily becomes very personal. When May comes around, I begin to feel this smug little glow because my job gives me three free months of vacation. Ha. However I also begin to feel heartsick- a month from now I will say goodbye to these children, and for many of them, it will be the last time I ever see them. I feel so sad just thinking about it.

This picture below came one day after I had to talk to a child about something she had done that was wrong. She was guilty, and she knew it, and as soon as we were done talking, she went to her seat and drew this picture for me. For anyone reading this who doesn’t know me personally, I often wear my sunglasses on my head and high heels at work. Sigh. One more month, and they’re gone. Whatever am I going to do?


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