Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor

Lego has this really cool program you can download and play with called Digital Designer. It’s free and relatively easy to figure out and use, and I find it rather addictive. I am happy to say that after a lot of work, last night I finished a project I’d been making with that software: Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor!
It is 908 pieces, although I could probably have economized on that a bit. I bet if I tried, I could have whittled it down to 850 or something, but working with virtual legos makes it kind of hard to tell which pieces are superfluous and which are necessary.

I made it to match the size of the other buildings in the Diagon Alley set. Hopefully, I will actually build it one day, although the bricks will cost a fortune. Probably the next project will be the Leaky Cauldron or perhaps Quality Quidditch Supplies.

If you’re so inclined, you can click here to see the lengthy and convoluted (because they are computer-generated) instructions for building it. I had briefly entertained thoughts of creating a shopping list of the different bricks needed to make this, but lost interest and scrapped the idea. Click here to download some sticker templates I made for the two signs.

Thinking mostly about The Prisoner of Azkaban -with Harry living at the inn and doing homework at the ice cream shop- I included a few accessories like books and extra foody looking things that I couldn’t place on the building itself. I also included a street lamp and a potted plant that I never found a place for just because Florean Fortescue seemed like the kind of guy who would like plants. Those are all on the left front side of the model.

The building itself includes a patio outside, a bar and two tables inside along with a few shelves and restaurant-like details. I included a shelf on a hinged back wall for the sole reason that the shop seemed to need a shelf full of dishes and I couldn’t find any other place to put it.

There is nothing specifically talking about how many floors are in the building in any of the books, so I took the liberty to design a second-story flat with the notion that Florean might have lived there. There is a trap door above the bar that folds downward, and a ladder that can rotate up into the flat or open down to the ice cream shop. That took me forever to design, and is a detail I’m pretty proud of.

Here are some screenshots of the two floors seperated so that the details are more visible.


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  1. johngoossen Said:

    The ladder is really cool.

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