I Met the Bloggess

This has nothing to do with Voo Doo.

Jenny Lawson came to Chicago on her book signing tour! Yay! I’m so glad she did, since it’s her last tour. I figured she would pretty much stick to the South, but I’m glad she popped in on us in the Windy City.

I bought a copy of her memoire shortly after it was available in print and was delighted when she added a Chicago stop to her trip. This is someone I would actually have driven a distance to see, but the last time she toured, the closest she came was New York City and it was just too much.

There were about a hundred people there (mostly females, as my husband pointed out, and I want to take this opportunity to praise him for attending a “chick event” with me after taking me to the mall on Friday-hubby gets a gold star). One lady wore a red dress and a couple girls had cats on their heads. I kept wishing I had thought to put rollers in my hair for it, but then I had also intended to bring her a papercut depicting her, and I spent two weeks on it, but it just wasn’t turning out. So I resigned myself to showing up as an ordinary person, but I still liked the collage idea and wanted to complete one to give her- I figured I could just mail it to her later on. It seemed like it would be weird to receive a thing like that in the mail, so I figured I’d tell her I was sending my handiwork. But… well, there were all these scary bouncers around (the Chicago Lit-Fest attendants) and I was just sure they were waiting to throw me out for telling Jenny Lawson I was mailing her something. *Side note- this fear is not unfounded- I get thrown out of stuff a surprising lot, and I never even drink or act rowdy.* So anyway, I figured I should tell her really fast that as an admirer, I was in the process of producing a portrait of her but that my medium of choice was paper collaging and I hoped she would like it even if it was slightly off the beaten path. But the scary people were there, and seriously, once I got to see her, what came out was more like… “I meant to bring you something, but it sucked, and so I’m sending you something, once it doesn’t suck anymore, and it’s not like voo doo or anything, so you don’t have to worry when you open it cuz it’s just from me.” Then I nodded like that was how I intended to sound. She just nodded and smiled like that was cool with her. So then we walked away and went to the bathroom, and I turned to my husband and said, “I just told her I wasn’t sending her any voo doo,” and he was like, “She brought a moldy taxidermied monkey to a book signing, so you’re probably safe.”

“A hug is a strangle you haven’t finished yet.”

Which, I’m sure, is true. Anyway, I bet she was so exhausted from all the touring, that she doesn’t even remember all the stuff people have said to her. But then it also occurred to me that I sounded like maybe I was trying to ingratiate myself to her using voo doo humor. Generally, I’d have to say I was kind of a dork, but it was still a totally awesome event.

My copy of the memoire 😀

I had intended to ask her to sign it to “The Queen of Outer Space” after the Zsa Zsa Gabor movie, but my tongue slipped and “queen of the universe” came out first, and especially after the voo doo comment, I just felt too silly changing the request.

This is a photograph of Giuseppi posing with Jenny Lawson, that she very graciously signed for me. I am sending it to my friend, but wanted to blog it first.



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  2. thebloggess Said:

    Hey sweets! Can I use the collage you made for one of my weekly wrap-up images? Always looking for something fun. No worries if not. Just email me if you don’t want me to use it or want me to credit you a certain way. 🙂 jenny@thebloggess.com.

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