Spending Some Time Outside with my Garden and some Baby Swans

It was too cold to plant in March and early April this year, and as a teacher, my schedule was packed in late April and May. My garden, which I began rebuilding in April had to wait. By the time I got back out there to it, it was overgrown again and I had to retill the soil. Ack. I spent this whole week reworking the earth to make it livable for little green things, and here it is.

I went and bought some seedling plants, since it’s June. I planted carrots and radishes from seeds, and tomatos green peppers and lavender (third time I’m attempting to grow lavender- we’ll see if it works).

These are our cygnets (baby swans are called cygnets, if you didn’t know that, and if you did, I’m sorry for insulting your intelligence). My neighborhood has a lot of geese, and in an effort to keep the goose population from becoming completely unmanagable has started a swan breeding program.

Since swans are so aggressive about keeping geese out of their territory, the theory is that the swans will go do karate on the geese and keep them from overrunning the humans and instituting a tyranny of goosedom in Chicago. What happens if the swans multiply too much is anybody’s guess, but at least they’re beautiful.

The guy in the middle stuck his tongue out at me. Sort of.


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  1. zebranay Said:

    Aren’t they cute! Get me a swan egg (warning-they are real protective & mean so watch out!)

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