A Quick Painting

I got the urge to do a little water color painting this evening, and thought I would blog it. May I present my latest work “Alice Alligator Ate Avocados All Afternoon.”

Comment below and tell me what you think, please.



  1. johngoossen Said:

    I love it!!!

  2. Rachel Fabian Said:

    love it and totally jealous of your artistic talents!

  3. Cris Said:

    Heehee!! I love Alice!

  4. He needs a story to go with him.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      “she”- this is a woman alligator, and she does have a story. she just had a bad date the night before and she totally liked the man-alligator she was going out with, but while they were out some stranger in the crowd outed him as a crocodile, and he denied it but then they said he had a nose job to cover up his crocness, and alice was totally okay with it, but he was so embarrassed that he just got surly and huffy made a fool of himself out of it and she walked out on him, and then the next day she kept hoping he’d call and clear the air, but he didn’t call, and so she started eating a TON of avocados to keep herself from thinking about how sad she was.

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