He ran. He jumped. He danced. And he peed wherever he wanted.

Alternate title: “Just a thought, Mr. Fox.”
Keiko Kasza is a children’s book author and illustrator with a knack for turning out clever and original story ideas, and she does her own illustrations. I first encountered her work in the book “My Lucky Day,” in which a little fast-thinking pig crosses paths with a hungry fox. I won’t give out too many details on the story, because I don’t believe in spoilers, but I will say that the plot is surprising and fun and can make me smile every time I read it. Ms. Kasza frequently uses a plot device of the underdog outwitting the predator and delivers believable and lovable characters (which is no mean feat in less than thirty pages).

The original title of this post was a line repeated by the persuasive piglet in My Lucky Day, and a personal favorite line of mine. I find myself using it on people around me, many of whom aren’t familiar with the book and probably wonder what I’m talking about. I’m okay with this. It’s a funny line.

The revised title came when I read The Dog Who Cried Wolf, which follows a little house dog as he comes to terms with being domesticated. He may want more from his doggy life, but when actually faced with the wild outdoors, does he have what it takes to be a wolf? This story employs another common device of Kasza’s, being a complete storyline in text closed by one final, ironic plot-twisting illustration. Several of her books use this, and it is probably the strongest part of this particular book, but when I read that line I couldn’t pass up the chance to make it a headline.

This image is from The Pigs’ Picnic, a relatable tale of the best-laid plans of mice and men and a small group of other creatures.

I included it because it’s so funny to me. You look at a picture like this and you think, what on earth has to happen to make this occur? Well, you should read the book and find out.


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