An Update

Anyone who knows me personally has heard this over and over throughout the last couple months, but it’s almost for real: my book is nearly available in print! My friend wrote an adorable set of stories several years ago, and came up with the idea for us to collaborate and get them published. I have a link in the sidebar where you can get the ebook version on Amazon, and now I’m ecstatic to say that it is nearly (nearly) available in print! Yahoo! This has been an awesome and at times grueling learning experience. As Caren and I decided to self-publish this, we still have a long way to go as far as the finishing touches are concerned, much less the promotion and sales, but we’re so close to getting it in print that I wanted to devote a little blog space to it.

We’ve done a tiny bit of editing and reformatting and come up with a snappy new cover. I hope you will grab a copy- the ebook is only a buck, (and you don’t need to have any specific ereader to view it- your computer will work fine).

I’ve now painted and sketched enough ladybugs to paper the Taj Mahal, and the image above is one I made as concept art for the book. Comment below and tell us what you think- we would both be very appreciative of your support and feedback.



  1. johngoossen Said:

    Beautiful illustrations!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks Honey ❤

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