Some sketches

City Sheep is daydreaming about a quiet country life with the calming background noise of the shepherd’s flute. He tells himself that one day he will retire to a pasture somewhere, but deep down, he knows that flute music on his ipod is the closest he’ll ever come to that. There are clients to call, orders to fill, papers to type up, and if he’s totally honest with himself, he couldn’t do without the comforts of city life.

A visiting child applied the green.

Drawn during Sunday School. I was having trouble waking up.

I drew this during church a coupla weeks ago. I don’t remember what the context was, but that cat is inspiring me. I am super. I can conquer the world. I can subjugate Gotham City. Or rescue it. Whichever- I was born for this, whatever it is I end up doing.



  1. pewterbreath Said:

    I just love City Sheep! Sometimes I think I *am* city sheep.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      LOL! Me too… Thanks for commenting 🙂

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