Dry the River

This video is brilliant. All of their videos are brilliant. I love the layered costumes. They’re people dressed up as monsters who disguise themselves as people to get together, and the obvious point is that underneath it all they are people (whatever that is). I’m so sad to say that they announced they were coming to Chicago and promptly sold out before I could even decide if I wanted to go. I decided I wanted to go. I can’t go.

I had a hard time deciding which one of their songs to share for the day, but I landed on this one here. I can relate so well- I’ve often had a bit of a struggle between being a fatalist and a biological reductionist.

In the Chronicles of Narnia, there’s a storyline about a king dying and being revived in Aslan’s country (so, he died and went to Heaven, is what Lewis is saying). In his mortal life, he died a very old and decrepit man with a lifetime of emotions and experiences. In his revived form, though, he came to being at a state of physical maturity. He was neither growing nor old, his body and his mind were simply complete. I love the picture that presents. Our spirituality is very much seperate from the physical progression we make here and now, but at some point we make choices that affect who we ultimately are and where we ultimately go.

Maybe I’m getting way too philosophical here, but it’s a thought-provoking concept, isn’t it? I can tell myself over and over that we are all just so much carbon, our bodies are just so many tiny machines working together, reacting off of each other and the plethora of tiny machines around them, but then there’s love. And so you swallow the thought, and you close your mouth. After all, what is love, anyway?

The Chambers & The Valves

Two young hearts will meet in the middle,
And a light will flicker on where there once was none.
Where does love come from?

The bodies in the firmament
Are spinning like a plate.
I was lost in the fission before you came.

I could write this down.
I could turn this car around.
In the land of mistakes I should lay my crosses down.

I pray for your health
And I tell myself:
“It’s the chambers and the valves that pump the sentiment around.”

But I swallow the words and I close my mouth.

If every constellation above us
Has a counterpart below, how are we to know, dear?
How are we to know?

Fortune hangs around us
Like a funerary wreath.
I was down in the heart of the ground beneath.


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