Tuesday in a Japanese Garden

Today (yesterday now- I just realised it’s after midnight) I emailed some pictures of scenic, far-away places to my husband at work and told him, somewhat randomly, that I wanted to go travel away to somewhere scenic. About an hour later, he called me and announced that he was coming home and could I get ready? What a guy. I got in the car with him about half an hour later, and we ended up here:

A trio of suspended angels hang over the meditation pond as you walk in. You can buy fish food at the gift shop and feed the koi (Cris, I’m sorry for the fish picture).

The Andersson Japanese Garden, so a docent told us, has quite a status as the “number one” Japanese garden in North America. I neglected to ask him for details on that, but at the time I was just sitting, enjoying the beauty and the conversation. With plenty of public walking paths, the rich, dense folliage and rippling splashing water everywhere, I am well prepared to believe him. A person could spend an entire day there and be better off for it. On Tuesdays, they host concerts in the park, and we found a little bench in a nook across the pond and listened to them practice. We’re thinking that another week we’ll go out and listen to the music.

It was amazing, and on your way out, you pass by the trio of suspended angels in the pond which are now mooning you since you’re approaching them from the opposite side. I have to admit that I was sorely tempted to entitle this post “Mooned by an Angel” in honor of this. But I didn’t. Cuz I am an adult, I tell ya, but seriously- look at this! Can you blame me?

Mooned by an Angel. Someone should make a tv show about it. I know. I’m gonna go grow up now.

Did I just spoil the post with this? Sorry.



  1. zebranay Said:

    I think most of us envy you for your husband as much as an impromptu visit to an exotic japanese garden. Both are amazing.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Yeah… he’s amazing… ❤

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