The Night Circus

If you haven’t already seen this plastered all over the blogosphere, you need to read The Night Circus
by Erin Morgenstern. I grabbed this book off of my library’s new aquisitions shelf because I liked the cover. I had seen it in different bookstores and it piqued my interest. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I do it anyway. I can tell you this is definitely a case where you’re safe in doing that. The cover that drew me in (above) is charming, playful, and classic with a minimalist appearance, although there is actually quite a lot happening in the picture. This is a terrific reflection of the novel. The story is all those things; a confection of descriptions in which even the scenery is worth a few pages of text.

Being a very visual person, I found the various tents in the circus and the costumes and decorations utterly delicious. The plot itself is interesting enough, not terribly predictable and the characters are believable and sentient. They are not the selling factor though. The real strength of this book is the imagery.

After reading it, I got the idea to make a bunch of Night Circus fan art and then promptly dumped the idea and moved on to other things when my friend mentioned that she wanted to discuss it on her blog and reignited the warm fuzzies in me. Now I want to draw these things again, but I wanted to post about it first. Instead of sharing my depiction of Celia and Marco and the breathtaking black and white tents and the beautiful feasts… I give you a few images I found on fanpop produced by more enterprising souls than mine. Just looking at them is renewing my desire to draw some of this out.


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  1. […] grateful to Kirinjirafa for recommending this book to me (even before she blogged it), because it transported me out of my lately mundane day-to-day […]

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