Kate Spade is Cozy and Chic for Autumn

And now for some random fashion gushing!

Check out the autumn offerings by Kate Spade New York.
I spotted the “Lively” pump at Nordstrom in a display with some of the other new accessories, and fell in love real hard. I mean, look at this thing! The brown ribbon with the signature bow, the thicker heel and the softly burnt orange (not red as the website calls it) … I wanna get a cup of hot apple cider and, and… wear hats and… get my scarves out and sit outside smelling leaves and sipping my apple cider with these shoes.

I loved it so much I thought I’d blog it all. Yummy yummy, if I had a million dollars… well, maybe I still wouldn’t be able to justify laying down four hundred dollars for a pair of shoes, but if I had a million dollars AND these shoes were more reasonably priced, why then, brother I would buy them all!

The polka dots are good eye candy, especially complimenting the brown and orange color pallette. Everybody likes circles, right? Sleek, a bit modern, and very feminine.

After the Olymia le Tan book clutches appeared, everyone started making book clutches of their own, and this dictionary clutch is my favorite one from the KS line- I thought it went very nicely with the theme of cozy warm autumn things.

And these last few pieces are the funny/cute “Pardon my French” accessories (really- they’re called Pardon my French hee hee):

You can find most of these things on the KS website here, which is where I got the pictures. (FYI, I just posted this because I loved the shoes and stuff- I don’t get paid to post these things.)


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