Why My Friend is Cooler than Nicki Minaj

So today I read this at Lainey Gossip, and I just thought to myself, dang that Nicki Minaj… she just isn’t so good at politics, is she? And that’s kind of a shame for her, because she isn’t so good at music either, and she isn’t super good at putting on a show. I mean, take away the baby voices and melted gummy-bear hairdos, and what’s left? Just more bubblegum music. She’s big on attitude, and she’s got drive I guess, but really, I’m wondering what keeps her popular. She’s not so awesome. You know who’s awesome? My buddy:

She could run awesome circles around Nicki any day…

and she could do it without the bewildering clown wigs and without cussing out everyone who ever says something that doesn’t make her happy on twitter and without ever picking fights with her betters…

Seriously, it’s like Christina Aguilara. You can only be rude and obnoxious for so long before your career starts suffering for it. And Christina Aguilara doesn’t have to lip sync.


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