Nobokov and How Not To Be Surprised When You’re a Ghost

It was only a matter of time before I started talking about this, I suppose, but one of my favorite celebrity ladies, Charlotte Church, has been producing some more music, and I think it may be her best yet. The vocal quality is not pristine and crystal clear, this time around it has more of a Kate Bush kind of sound. The lyrics have the sound of a person with something to sing about. Yay Charlotte. I love you like this, girl! Please please keep it up!

This song is about this philosophy poet/writer Vladimir Nabokov discussed in his book/super long poem “Pale Fire,” in which he discusses life and death. He treats the essence of humanity sort of like Betty J. Eadie, only without a god. Like we are all just a collection of souls or lives, waiting in the afterlife, ready to live again after death. Maybe it’s like the movie What Dreams May Come, where all the human beings live and die and live and then die again when it’s their turn, sort of like reincarnation, but again, with no real god presence. It’s beautiful poetry, albeit hopeless.

Time means succession, and succession, change:
Hence timelessness is bound to disarrange
Schedules of sentiment. We give advice
To widower. He has been married twice:
He meets his wives; both loved, both loving, both
Jealous of one another. Time means growth,
And growth means nothing in Elysian life.

I think the weirdness in the video is just stylistic, but there are a few little hints here and there of something in this- little beautiful people in masks can be strange and ancient too. But then I could be reading into it- who knows.

Somewhat unrelated sidenote: the Leveson Inquiry gave me a whole new respect for her. During her teen years, I kept thinking that she must be a self-entitled jackass to repeatedly show up in the news as a drunken loud-mouth (and a bit of a tramp), but now I’m just really impressed that the worst things dug up about her were that she went out partying on the weekends and smoked cigarettes. And said bad words a lot- there’s that, too. I think that if someone had been spying on my teen life and publishing everything I did in the nastiest light possible, it would have made pretty bad headlines- probably worse than hers. This has been a lesson for me- be quick to assume well of people and quick to overlook seemingly negative reports.

Seriously, why do we even need to be told things like this? Don’t jump to conclusions when you hear a negative report about someone… you may not have the full story…


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