Mad Tea Party Lego Set

I made an Alice in Wonderland lego set 😀 I’m kind of into Alice in Wonderland stuff these days (click here to check out the cupcakes I made), and I wanted to do some Alice sets with legos. This is the Mad Tea Party, created using the Lego Digital Designer software which I used previously to make a set for Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor from Harry Potter.

It’s not always easy to make minifigs to go with these sets, because characters are so specific that the generic faces and bodies in LDD don’t usually work, but this time I think they’re okay. I used a mis-matched suitcoat and pants for the Mad Hatter, and of course the March Hare and Mouse were right there. I couldn’t find a brown rabbit, which would have been better since there’s a White Rabbit character in this story, but I think it works. The size is perfect.

For Alice, I used a plain blue top and a yellow wig, but I used a curved brick for her skirt and a pair of round one-dot plates for her feet. It makes her a little shorter and gives the appearance of her being a little girl. I touched her up digitally, since I don’t have the pieces in real life, but that’s what she would look like if I did- short sleeves (maybe I should have made them blue?), an apron and of course the black bow in her hair.

For the table and scenery, I used a theme of contrast-a lot of the elements in the AiW story are very elegant but junky at the same time, such as the big fancy chairs sitting mismatched at a table outside on the grass.

I used some of the tree legos, rather than make trees out of brown bricks and leaves, because I felt they lent a polished, manicured look, and then I set them off with a variety of different leaves and plants in different shapes, colors and sizes on the rest of the scene.

I spent a long time fitting different shaped pieces together to make a teapot, and these are what I came up with. One looks like a caraffe and the other looks like meat grinder… oh well. I tried.

I used different-shaped leaf elements and green plates and bricks to make rosebushes. I felt the different leaves and the colors built on the contrast between ragged and elegant.

Some miscellaneous cookies, pastries and foodie things for the table. Also a pig, cuz he was cool. That’s the Vorpal Sword on the right, if you’re wondering.



    • kirinjirafa Said:

      LOL! It must have been subconscious, but ya know, I could see Johnny Depp as a Batman Villain.

      • Woow! I love this set! This would be the perfect holiday gift for my girls if this was sold in stores! You did a wonderful job! Now could you come to my house and teach my kids that legos are used for creativity not weapons!

      • kirinjirafa Said:

        I know, right? I’ve always liked the building sets way more than the fighting/war-themed ones. Thanks for visiting 🙂

      • Your welcome!

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