Drawing in Church

I was drawing in church again today. Behold the fruits of my labors:

Cryin’ Lion Buyin’ Fryin’ Pan

Fancy Ants Glance Askance

Frail Whale Failed to Nail a Pail

Goat Wrote Coat on a Boat

Lamb Swam in Jam for a Ham

Bird Nerd Preferred the Absurd Word

What do you think?



  1. zebranay Said:

    I think you need to get a life dear and maybe say a few mea culpas! ( I liked the absurd bird!)

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      THanks for the advice. I thought I actually had a life (but maybe we’re not counting my friends, family, career and numerous hobbies), so I guess I will fill up the free spaces in my schedule with tennis lessons and yoga, and then what am i repenting for? Oh, yeah and thanks for saying you liked the bird 😛 It’s so nice to have your approval…

  2. Churchgoers do well to remember that idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

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