Dear Edward Gorey: We Love You. Also, Happy Birthday

Dear Reader,

Kirinjirafa’s account has been hacked. But it’s okay. Really.

It’s me, The Literate Libran, and I’ve hacked in to celebrate the beauty that artists offer the world. Today,  Edward Gorey, the genius that wrote The Epipleptic Bicycle, would be 88 years old had he survived this long. Kirinjirafa – being the art fanatic that she is – introduced me to his works when we were in college together, and I’ve never forgotten him or her.

In his honor, Google gave him his own Doodle today. If you missed it, here’s a nice little clip.

Here’s to you, Kirinjirafa. I hope one day you get your own Google Doodle. And here’s to Edward Gorey – I hope your beyond is as beautiful as your artwork.



P.S. If you’re missing KJ, she’s out working on an upcoming poetry book with another writer (sniff, sniff). It’ll be out soon. Meanwhile, feel free to pop by and offer her all of the adoration you’d offer Edward Gorey were he still living.



  1. […] Dear Edward Gorey: We Love You. Also, Happy Birthday. […]

  2. The Dose of Reality Said:

    Fantastic!! I missed the Google doodle. I’m so glad you posted it!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Yeah really- three cheers for the literate libran! I completely missed the Google doodle too. 🙂

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