Exciting Times

Oh me oh my. It’s getting near the end of another little journey here, everyone, and it feels like the summit push on a trek up Mt. Everest or something-

cover apr 15 curved text

A Place That’s Fun is nearly ready for publication! I’m so happy and so excited to be talking about this project. The book is a collection of children’s poetry by Ichabod Ablegoose (aka Tom Nochera). The writing is fun and light hearted with a terrific read-aloud quality. I have read a few of them to my kids in class, and they ate them up- I mean, a Kazooing Elf? What’s not to love?

kazzoing elf

“Jik-a-loo, ick-a-loo, vegetable stew,
I’m the only elf in this world on kazoo.
My older brothers play the harp and the lute,
And elves are also well known for the flute.
I want to be known for something that’s new,
And that’s why I’ve mastered the tiny kazoo.

Click here to visit the author’s blog post about it. He has a clever and comfortable sound in his writing, that made it a genuine pleasure to illustrate, if not just to read. I’m sure you (and your kids, of course) will enjoy them as well.

feculiar plights

The book will be about 70 pages long (we’re planning to price the paper copy at around ten dollars, or if you like ebooks, it will be available for around four dollars). The poems themselves range from being short and tongue-in-cheek, to sweet and family-minded, to narrative stories to whimsical nonesense verse.

crayon box o kids

Kyle is green,
And Bobby is blue,
But I’ve never heard of the color of Sue.
She says she’s a little bit like
(Maybe she’s got a screw loose.)

Please plan to get your copy of A Place That’s Fun when it becomes available! It won’t be long now before all the work becomes a reality, and we can’t wait to share it with you.



  1. So excited for you and Tom! Love ya!

    • kirinjirafa Said:


  2. Arleta Wiebe Said:

    Chuckles! How engaging! I’ll try to get a copy for our library.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Thanks so much!

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