Wait… what?

This amazing good deal showed up in some junk mail today.

the alternative to lipo

Wow, everyone! It’s here! An intelligent alternative to liposuction! Now isn’t this just horrible? In the name of fairness, I know there are folks out there who genuinely need help getting control of their body mass index, and I wouldn’t insinuate that weight-loss difficulty is always due to laziness or lack of self control. I am sure of this. I know losing weight and getting fit aren’t easy to do. At the same time, though, we sure do see a lot of ads for cosmetic surgery or surgery alternatives floating around these days. I used to think that was a Hollywood thing- something for very wealthy and very vain people who didn’t think they could maintain their chosen career if they couldn’t try to look like the fountain of youth. Nowadays though- this came in a mailing of coupons for cat litter and fast food places. Which would imply that it is intended to draw in… what market? Everybody? Middle class coupon-clipping shoppers? I’m not trying to be unsympathetic, but are we so far gone that this is the mindset of John Q. Public now? This is what we can do instead of getting lipo…

good grief
Good grief.


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  1. Must be wraps!

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