A Personal Matter of Grave Concern


This is Caren. I have been blessed to have good friends in my life, and she is definitely one of them. Caren and I worked at the same place in college together. We used to gush over bad poetry together, we edited each other’s post-college job applications, and we’ve supported each other through painful experiences. We agonized about boyfriends together, prepared for weddings together, had big fights and then decided the friendship was worth more than the disagreements. We’ve argued politics and theology together, published together, started websites together, made plans to take over the world together- we’ve been close for a long time.

momandtrey 3

These days we don’t get to see much of each other; we talk regularly online and collaborate on projects digitally, but there are several states separating us. I haven’t gotten to meet her son Trey in person yet, but I’ve enjoyed watching him grow up in pictures from a distance. She has chronicled their homeschooling journey this last year on The Literate Little One, which is a pretty nifty site, if you’re homeschooling or interested in it yourself (admittedly, I’ve written a few articles, but just about news and stuff- her lesson plans and project ideas are the real meat).

trey 1

She had been balancing the tasks of being a single parent and educating her child alongside of her professional life as a writer when the branch of her workplace issued cutbacks and laid off a bunch of people. Now she’s balancing parenting, teaching, writing (books), and job hunting.


Caren has had full custody of Trey since his father signed it away several years ago, but rather than continue the coparenting arrangement they’ve had in place, the father has recently initiated a suit against her to take full custody, end Trey’s homeschooling progress and seperate Caren and Trey completely. You can read more about the situation by clicking here if you want to know about her or the relationship or whatever else. But I’m not posting to talk about the relationship.

I’m posting to let you know that Caren is a mom that has centered her life around the needs of her child. She’s a good woman, and she and Trey are desperately in need of your help. She currently owes about $10,000 in legal fees, and the procedings have barely even started. While she deals with the job transition, the bill has been climbing rapidly, and like so many other single moms in the throws of a family court process, Caren is getting buried. She has begun a public fundraising account at gofundme.com, and you can click here to see it.

carenandtrey crop

If you can help Caren and Trey at all, it is DESPERATELY NEEDED. $10, 000 is hard to come by, even when you’re working, but it’s a hopeless battle while you’re passing out resumes.

Please visit her gofundme account and donate if you can, and copy this URL to paste on social networking sites:


Please paste that on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you can to spread the word and help. Thank you so much in advance.

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I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to address this, but I’ve decided not to allow personal comments on this post, because I don’t feel that a third-party blog is a good forum for such a subject. If you’ve commented, and don’t see your comment below, this is the reason.

I’ve simply posted this to let people know that my friend is in need of help and that her cause is a worthwhile one. I’ll gladly approve comments positive, negative, or whatever on other posts, just not on this one, nor will I entertain criticism against her personally, whether you have an unresolved problem with her or not. I’m not here to foster name-calling and finger-pointing, I just want Caren and Trey to be able to make ends meet.


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