Brick and Mortar Friends

February is letter writer’s month: you can check out the challenge here, if you’d like to try it. My husband, who is participating in the challenge, told me this would be the perfect time to finally publish this post which has been sitting in draft mode for, I dunno… four years?

snail mail

Long ago, in the deep, dark recesses of ancient history, there was a long-forgotten ritual known as “sending letters to people.” With the advent of the internet, it slipped away so quietly and seamlessly that I didn’t even notice it; but there was once a time when I was a letter-writer. My awesome sister in law and I used to participate in it- we would send each other little presents from time to time. Stickers, bags of flavored tea, book marks… stuff that you could fit into an envelope. It was really fun. I mean, email is terrific- I love being able to communicate quickly with people, but it really can’t compare to handwriting on a piece of stationary. We try to duplicate the personal touches and end up with ecards and emojis, but our digital presence doesn’t have anything on the impact of our physical presence.

card covr

The awesome SIL sent me a card from the dayspring Really Woolly line, which was in itself like a little blast from the past. Such cute little drawings, and of course it came with tea. ❤
Thanks so much, awesome SIL!

A note about the top image: It was inspired by a similar card made by Amy Karol, aka the Angry Chicken lady, and I wanted to link back to her image, but I couldn’t find the exact one.


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