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Ten Reasons to be Happy Right Now

1. This Density Column

Initially read about it on the Berry’s morning coffee post, but you can see how to make one of your own by clicking here. It is cool and it made me happy.

2. This Squeaking Baby Alligator

Squeaking baby alligator. Need I say anymore?

3. This Paper Travel Coffee Cup

My friend found them in the Target dollar aisle, which could be a happy point all by itself.

4. These Shoe and Handbag Cupcakes

I saw them on this post at a blog called Gillyflower Jewelry. This lady makes adorable stuff.

5. This Dalai Lama/Happy Llama picture

I don’t care how many times I see this. It always makes me laugh a little.

6. This Snoopy Wallpaper

From here.

7. This Guy Doing a Magic Trick Dressed Up in a Dragon Suit

8. These Ducklings in This Coffee Cup

9. This Song by Regina Spektor

or pretty much any song by Regina Spektor, cuz she so awesome.

10. This Snorg Tees Shirt

yAY fOr snORgTeEs, because after all, it’s all about funny t-shirts in the end.

Pretty much the best birthday, like, of all time, basically.

So, my husband, who is pretty much awesome and what not has built me a delicious cake.

It is a liger. Since its inception, I have learned that there is actually a real, honest-to-goodness animal called a liger, but this is the liger from Napoleon Dynamite, bred for its skills and magic. It is pretty much his favorite animal, although mine would be the giliger, which is like a liger mixed with a GIRAFFE, bred for skills and magic combined with super awesome ninja warriorhood! That, my friend, would be one tough cookie of an animal! Maybe a cake idea for a later year?

inside text: "...and your wildest dreams will come true!"

This homemade card was on top of my present, which is a monster defense kit.

It came with an instruction booklet:

Fluffy blanket, a monster snorkel, an amazingly informative instructional DVD, and several other very helpful items were included in this box. I now have Batman pajamas. I am invincible.

Also, in honor of cool things happening on April 29th, I will never grow tired of this image:

Happy Anniversary, you two!

A giliger drawing has been requested. I submit the following for your approval. I felt the unicorn horn made it more authentic, and considering adding some extra details like nunchucks or have it fart, but decided it was classier as is. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. Seriously- does the big butt make it look like a legit ND drawing, or does it just come across as a rip-off? I can’t really decide.

Reblogging Giraffe Choir

I just saw this today and the more I look at it, the more I like it. I wonder what they’re singing about. Maybe some Billy Joel? I’m picturing “For the Longest Time” here.


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Inexplicably funny giraffe and some other stuff.

When I first saw this, it took me a second, and then I laughed, and laughed and laughed and couldn’t stop.

And here is my own offering to the art world for the day. It is the second in my new series of giraffes being interrupted at home by sales calls. I have entitled it “Giraffe Trying to Take a Shower when some Dumb Telemarketer Calls and Interrupts”

Today, I was interrupted in the middle of something by a phone call (automated) from AT&T telling me that I needed to call them about my wireless (which is a closed account). Geez that’s annoying.

Giraffe Collage

This collage was inspired by a post that got freshly pressed the other day. There’s a giraffe shopping collage about halfway down the page and it’s just so funky. It made me wanna collage a giraffe doing something slightly anthropomorphic, but not too cartoony. After a little sketching and a little thinking and the invaluable input from a friend, I give you:

Giraffe Trying to Eat When Some Dumb Telemarketer Calls.

Industrial Design Postage Stamps

My husband, who is a bit of an architecture buff, likes to quote/paraphrase Le Corbusier in saying that something becomes beautiful as it becomes more like its functional epitome. From the perspective of a design engineer, beauty is a perfectly designed object. Hmmm. Well, I can think of plenty of exceptions to that, but it does appeal to me. When these stamps were issued, I fell in love with them, and probably because they made me think of this principle.

We own flatware that looks almost exactly like that in the image above, and even after a few years of having it, it’s still beautiful to me. On the other hand I also own an egg slicer shaped like an egg with little feet, so don’t think I consider this a hard and fast rule. Having said that, allow me to segue into a short list of cool links I found surfing through the wordpress blog posts tagged with “art” today. There’s definitely also room for impractical things in beauty:

Missing Poster

This (like so many of my posts) may reflect badly on my sense of humor or my standing as a mature adult, but I about died laughing when I saw this. And it’s got a giraffe in it… there ya go. Jonathan is getting posted- and if any of you out there sees this guy, try to get him to call home at least. It looks like his mom is pretty worried.

Female Logic

Giuseppi would never understand women. She was spending forever agonizing about whether that necklace would draw too much attention to how tall she was, and yet she never gave the heels a second thought.

Lap Giraffe

I’m getting one of these… and don’t tell me it’s a hoax either. I don’t wanna hear it, I just want a little tiny giraffe pet that takes bubble baths.

A Current Trend of Which I Approve

I would like to make a comment regarding my support of kitchen gadgets shaped like little animals: I support them.

Here are a few from my personal collection, and as you can see, they are spiffy.

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