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Steam Powered Giraffe and related stuff

Steam Powered Giraffe is a musical theater band from California. They are pretty popular with the Steampunk set, and somehow somehow, they escaped my attention until last week. Steampunk giraffe band. This is why I love the internet.

There were originally four members, costumed up as Steampunk humanoid robots, and after some amount of shuffle I think there are about seven of them in the troupe now. Their act is a combination of music and comedy with a Jules Verne animatronic edge, and although they don’t do pop music, they did produce the little gem below which you really need to watch. Really, trust me- ignore whatever the title is making you think and watch it:

Steampunk robot giraffe puppet. That is a music video starring a steampunk robot giraffe puppet. Yes indeed.

On the topic, here are my latest paper dolls. They’re from Dover publications, drawn by Ramona Szozerba. I’ve mentioned this before, but I really like Dover books, and I own a lot of their paper dolls. This set may be my favorite one yet, although Georgie Giraffe was pretty awesome.

Even those of you who are not into steampunk can appreciate the details and the creator’s sense of humor. Of course the set includes an airship captain and a Victorian pirate, but we also have a phrenologist, a lepidopterist, and a super villain with an evil-o-meter in his hat!

sp cinderella

Four dolls come in the set, along with 18 different outfits, many of which include an animal companion. Each outfit/scenario includes several useful accessories, like Steampunk Cinderella’s Enchanted Pumpkin Air/Land Conveyance.

sp super villain

There are also plenty of clear instructions and descriptions for the accessories, so you always will know exactly which pieces of equipment to activate as the character needs it.

sp xandria and thaddeus dolls

You can buy the set at the Dover Publications website, and just to sweeten the deal a little more, there is another set of bonus outfits there for you if you do. How cool is that?

Finally, unrelated but sort of related as it is a Steampunk-themed toylike thing that I recently bought and love, Gamewright’s Forbidden Desert:

forbidden desert

Most games that offer an everyone-wins conclusion don’t appeal to me, but this one handles that well. The dynamic of everyone sharing cards adds the (unintended) benefit that you can play it alone, if you wanted. As it was designed, 2-5 players try to escape a desert storm by constructing an ancient solar-powered aircraft. It was made as a sequel to Forbidden Island which I haven’t played; I picked it up because the artwork was so striking. GAMEWRIGHT-forbidden desert

The game description looked cool, so we bought it, and as a cooperative play game requiring skill and planning, we love it. Check out the trailer they made for it below.

Just so you know, no one paid me or asked me to review stuff. I bought these things cuz I liked them, and I encourage you to do so as well, because I still like them (and hope you will too). But I’m not going to receive a commision or anything from you clicking those links.

Gladly, the Bear with Crossed Eyes

Happy Sunday, everybody- here is another crop of my Sunday morning sketches.

If you’ve been in a Christian church that sings traditional hymns, you know this gag isn’t original to me, and if you have never been in one, there’s a song called “Gladly the Cross I’d Bear.” It’s a classic misunderstanding for little Baptist kids to hear it and think this:

gladly, the cross eyed bear

When I was a kid, there was one hymn that confused me for ages. It was called “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder” (“up yonder” meaning up in Heaven). As a little girl, for years, I heard “When the Roll is Called a ‘Pyawnder'” and I could not figure out what it meant. Having two older siblings, though, my assumption was that whoever was saying the roll was a pyawnder must not have liked it (presumably a jealous lesser pastry). I figured “pyawnder” must have been something hurtful.

the roll is called a pyawnder
I always felt a little bad for the roll. Yes, this is a true story.

spring sketches

These are doodles from the Sunday School roster- mostly as Spring has begrudgingly begun to hit Chicago. I can’t remember what inspired my little commentary on clowns there, but I stand firmly behind the statement nonetheless. There’s also a sugar glider paper doll set that I’ve never cut out and tried, so I don’t know how well the pieces fit her.

alice paper doll

She has a party outfit, a comfy terry cloth robe with bunny slippers, and a gardening ensemble. If you put one together, could you let me know if it works or not?

Paloma Faith Paper Doll

The bowling alley is a reference to her brilliant video for New York, which doesn’t seem to want to embed. “Click here to watch it.

Yaaaay! I’ve finished my Paloma Faith Paper doll! Click here to print out your very own copy!

paloma bowl

I heard her music playing at a store a while back, and I liked it so much I got a copy of Fall to Grace. Pretty, cute-funky sound; I have a theory that she will always be compared to someone else, because she has such a faceted and colorful voice, doncha think? Each time I listen to her I think of some other singer that she’s invoking. I wonder if it annoys her. I also wonder a little how she feels about people making paper dolls of her, but those costumes, and that hair! How could I not? Well, Paloma, if you’re out there, I hope you like the paper doll I made.

paloma mansion

Unrelated: I don’t like upgrades that “simplify” things by making buttons look bigger and more cartoony and move all the features I’m accustomed to using to somewhere I have to hunt for half an hour to find them.

Black and Blue by Paloma Faith and the Beginnings of Another Paper Doll

Got this album a couple weeks back and I can’t stop listening.

Such a cool voice- and her style is adorable. She’s got this retro soul flair. Which is kind of the big thing now. I got inspired to make a paper doll, and I had intended to publish it along with this post, but it will need a bit more work before it will be ready. Here’s the beginning though:

the beginning of a new paper doll

the beginning of a new paper doll

Mudpuppy Paper School Playset

I found this cute little set of paper dolls on a clearance shelf somewhere and bought it for my kids. I made some extra pieces to give it a little ethnic diversity, and I added a few others- a mom bringing in some cupcakes and a giraffe (don’t ask why, I just thought he was cute).

You can download the little people I made, if you’d like, by clicking here. I didn’t make a downloadable school, but I’m thinking about it.

As a little aside, I’ll tell you that I reeeally want to make a little garden set for our Ladybug book, because we are building up promotional stuff to push the paper copies for Christmas. Yaaaay! I don’t want to labor this too much here and now, but the process is pretty much done, and we’re both excited to be able to present this, after all the work we put into it.

She’s asking nicely.

Mae West Paper Doll

I cut out an ad for Tiffany’s Jewelers from a magazine and put the doll on top of the text for the picture 😀

The Mae West paper doll is complete! You can download it by clicking here. I considered making a color version along with the B&W, but it was taking too long and I thought this would be sufficient. After all- I mostly remember her in black and white, so that kind of justifies my leaving it like this. You’ll have to color them yourself if you want them otherwise.

I haven’t constructed one yet, so I’m not sure how well the doll works, but at least I made one and it’s just fine and there’s an awesome pdf to download if it doesn’t, and that really is the key to happinness in life anyway.

I think if she were alive today, she would wear Alexander McQueen. And it would be a fabulous combination.

Famous Movie Wedding Dress Paper Dolls

Looookie what I got today! Movie wedding dress paper dolls!

This is a set from a beloved publisher of mine, Dover Publications. They make sticker books, activity books and other cute things like that. Now you can even sign up for free email samplers. I’m having fun.

Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

Now that February is upon us (almost), I am starting to think through Valentine’s Day plans. I love holidays that involve me hanging around with my man or spending money on him. Yep. I dug out this box of Valentine cards in honor of the season. I got them a while back, but not too far back- they look like they’re a bajillion years old, but I think I picked them up at Barnes or somewhere on a clearance table. There’s glitter on them, although it doesn’t show unless you click on the image to see them enlarged.

I still don’t know who to give them to- maybe I’ll just mail them to random friends or something- they’re so lovely. Yeah, maybe that’s what I’ll do.

Two more things on the subject of vintage paper art:

I’ve been updating my blogroll and wanted to point out the addition of Marlendy. This is a blog mostly about paper dolls although some greeting cards and other such paper art gets slipped in here and there. It’s quite a treasure; she has some really cool uploads from out of print magazines.

Secondly, I found this the other day and fell in love with the artwork. Don’t think about the song or the context- just look at the pictures. Aren’t they cute?

An Unfinished Project from a Few Years Back

A little barefaced, shameless showing off today of something that isn’t quite show-off-able yet, but I still like it. I started this paper doll in 2006 and set it aside for a while after making a mistake. At the time, I was frustrated and sick of looking at it, but didn’t want to throw it out.

She emerged during an office cleaning yesterday and I decided to do a little more work on her. I’m pretty pleased- I readjusted her face and hair and am kinda happy with it- I could almost call her finished, but I think I won’t. She was made out of construction paper, a few sheets of cardstock and some colored ink jet paper that I think I swiped from my workplace (although I’m not 100% sure), and also scissors and glue stick. I didn’t draw any of the lines before I cut them, so they tend to come out a little bit blind.

60s Haute Couture Paper Dolls

Just got these. I want every single outfit in the set, but here are a few of my favorites.

Also, I would like to mention a handy heads-up I noticed in Paste today: Prince has declared the internet “completely over.” I’m not quite sure how he figures this, but it’s good to have the warning. In this short article, he is quoted pointing out how the internet, like MTV, is simply no longer hip. There was no definition given for any of his terms here, incidentally, so I guess we’ll have to each determine for ourselves what he feels “the internet” encompasses and what exactly being “over” means to him, but I’m guessing he’s a little disheartened by his U-verse bill. That’s all I can figure… if anyone out there has a better idea, I’d be interested in hearing it.

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