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The Self Portraits of Anne Arden McDonald

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about her yet, and if I have I would rather discuss her again then not. Here are some self portraits of Anne Arden Mcdonald. She is a sculpter, photographer, and general maker of wonderfulness.

I first discovered her through (of all things) an Etsy listing for a cast silver ring.

You can get one of them by clicking here. I was about to reword her description of it, but I found the same words on her website:

When I was evicted from my loft, I would close my eyes at night and draw pictures of little houses, and when I opened my eyes, the drawings were always surprising (you can see them here). It was as if they were tiny prayers for a home. This ring is an homage to that time—

I was honestly moved at the time by the simplicity of the design and the charm of the piece of jewelry, not to mention the backstory about her difficulties, that I looked up her website and went through all of her other posted artwork. Beautiful, haunting, but not in a gratuitously dark way.

I love the way she hunts down dilapidated buildings and poses alone in them. So very expressive, and so clever. When I look at one for a few minutes I think… this is my favorite.

As I type this, I can’t thinking that I’ve talked about her before, but I’m too interested in lovin’ on this stuff and too lazy to go check and see if I have already said all this or not. The other thing I’m currently too lazy to do (and too interested in the subject to do) is double-check her website and see if she is cool with people lifting her images and reblogging her. So, Anne, if you didn’t want me to do this, I’m sorry- I hope you’ll forgive me since your work is so lovely.

Ten Reasons to be Happy Right Now

1. This Density Column

Initially read about it on the Berry’s morning coffee post, but you can see how to make one of your own by clicking here. It is cool and it made me happy.

2. This Squeaking Baby Alligator

Squeaking baby alligator. Need I say anymore?

3. This Paper Travel Coffee Cup

My friend found them in the Target dollar aisle, which could be a happy point all by itself.

4. These Shoe and Handbag Cupcakes

I saw them on this post at a blog called Gillyflower Jewelry. This lady makes adorable stuff.

5. This Dalai Lama/Happy Llama picture

I don’t care how many times I see this. It always makes me laugh a little.

6. This Snoopy Wallpaper

From here.

7. This Guy Doing a Magic Trick Dressed Up in a Dragon Suit

8. These Ducklings in This Coffee Cup

9. This Song by Regina Spektor

or pretty much any song by Regina Spektor, cuz she so awesome.

10. This Snorg Tees Shirt

yAY fOr snORgTeEs, because after all, it’s all about funny t-shirts in the end.

Animals Who Are Disappointed with You.

Short post- here’s a cute kid story that I thought of today when I saw this link.

This shark is very disappointed with you.

One of my preschoolers told me he was allergic to sharks once. Allergic to them. It was so darn funny- I asked him if he was saying that because he thought he might get hurt if he came too near a shark (trying to guide him into a better understanding of the term he’s using- see, I’m being such a good teacher). He answered that, yes, if he came near a shark he would be hurt. Then he followed it with, “If I accidentally touch a shark, I might get hurt, and the shark would be very disappointed in me.”

Just plain awesome.

Anyway, that came to my mind when I saw this group of animals who are not angry with you, but honestly need to say that you’ve let them down.

This is no way to pick up a project that needs real attention

I’ve been ignoring my blog for about a month now, and just wanna get myself posting again. Therefore, I bring you the thirsty ant:

I love you, little ant.

Found it on this amazing gallery of garden photography at the Telegraph.

Perspective is Everything.

Well, not everything, but it’s meaningful, and anyway my interest in coming up with a better title for this is waning rapidly.

From here.

I Found These Guys Under a Cabinet

Mrs. Spider was a little put out over the photosession, since it seemed to get her kids all wound up, but I’m sure she understood. When you have children who are that cute, you get accosted for pictures all the time…

Click on the image to get a closer view. Seriously- aren’t the cute?

Here my husband is holding up a dime to give some perspective.

Annie Leibovitz: Portraits of Awesomeness

Yeah, you heard me- AWESOME!

I can’t read the text on this picture on my screen- I strongly recommend you click on the image and read it. (btw- I don’t believe the dog was done by Annie Leibovitz. I just thought he went well with the theme.)

Okay, this is a pretty cool set of portraits.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz did a series of ads for Disney, and you can see a good collection of the older pictures here, but there are a couple new ones done now and you can see a good article about them on the Daily Mail here.

Also, this is a really cool blog. I just discovered it as I was looking for a decent collection of those portraits.

Everyone Knows…

the way to find girlfriend is to have awesome hair!

I couldn’t resist posting today’s Bing image (my default search engine). I still say I’m going to “google” something when I search for it, but I always bing these days, mainly because Google is trying to take over the world. But homepage images like this do sweeten the deal.

These guys are called “Elegant Terns,” by the way.

Deep Thoughts about Intellectual Property and Why I am a Good Sport (okay, I’m just ranting a little)

Argh! I was just getting ready to upload the photograph below of a single rosebud with an equally touching quote by one of my favorite authors (okay, favorite is a strong word- let’s say I got one of these books from the thrift store and it makes me laugh), when I checked out his (their) website so that I could good-naturedly, while giving full credit, mind you, link back to them. And, well, they say not to copy any of their stuff. : P

I am being a very good sport here- I jut now removed the quote from this image and replaced it with my own deep thought- the first one that came to my mind. It’s also my current GTalk stat message. May you be enlightened by it.

Being a little bit of an artist myself, I have strong inner compulsion to protect the work of others and respect their wishes regarding its circulation, but I’m also annoyed by the stupidity of our culture’s intellectual property philosophy. Whatever. I even linked back to them- I’m such a good sport. The truth is, I love Jack Handy and was just laughing very hard at a deep thought- hence the drippy rose picture. I thought it made a good addition to a post with a song and video like that. (This post was really supposed to be just the YouTube clip.) My husband took that picture in Vermont on a vacation we took once, and I think it is made for Deep Thoughtfulness. I made it 1024×768 as that is my background size and I thought Jack Handy would make a good desktop wallpaper for people to download. Well, you’re also welcome to download a me desktop wallpaper… it’s probably just as “Deep.”

PS- the band is a husband/wife team called oceanlab and the song is from a poem she wrote to him once- it’s a little trippy, but isn’t it cool? it makes me think of the book 1984 for some reason.

Lego Photography

I just love discovering new artists who use creative or original media, and this one was Freshly Pressed a few days back. The guy’s name is Dan Phelps and this is his blog, in which he uploads daily (almost daily) photographs of legos. Others have done Lego photography, but I think he does it particularly well. I included a couple I liked- you can buy his prints here. Aren’t they the best?

The Cool Hat Club one is my favorite:

Members of the local chapter of the Cool Hat Club pose for a picture.

Well, said the inspector, it's your father.

Great, thought Roger. He was already having a bad day, and he hated mimes.

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