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Enya at an Indianapolis Chocolate Shop

We spent some time in Indianapolis this weekend to celebrate our anniversery (and attend a convention). Hubby took me to a chocolatier and they were playing Enya there. Nice mood music. This is The Memory of Trees.

The Fick Museum

We visited the Fick Fossil and History Museum in Oakley, KS last week. The founder, Vi Fick, lived in the area near the Monument Rocks, and had a knack for finding fossils- tons and TONS of fossils, which she collected, painted and collaged. She’s produced some remarkable pieces, the most impressive being the floral arrangements.

The petals on these flowers are seashells, and the vases are made of shark vertebrae with oil paint for the background and on the fossils.

This is an oil painting with sharks’ teeth and bones.

This is a shot of the Monument Rocks from a distance. They seem so out of place sticking up out of the desert like they do.

This is me, standing by one of the rock formations to lend proportion.

The museum has a small collection of other miscelaneous artifacts from days gone by, which I thought merited a few photos too. How do you like that toy waffle iron?

A Few More Happy Memories

Seven adults and eight children- aside from a couple nasty illnesses, and a miscarried attempt at seeing a parade, the week was a delight. For my part, I would say my favorite times of the visit would be the sitting and talking. I almost feel lazy saying that, but the good conversation is already well-missed.

Some other things that I enjoyed are:

Group reading and book discussing. Hubby and I read together a good deal, so that happens around our house anyway, but it was fun to read with the kids and talk over books with the grownups.

Sidewalk chalk art! Actually, having toys getting used and generally scattered around the house was a little joy in itself. A house just looks so happy with toys out.

Trip to the park! Some of the kids fished these snail shells out of a little lake there, and I think we aquired an assortment of pinecones and feathers, but none of them made it to a car.

Vintage wind up snail toy thing! I could say this little guy is representative of hanging out with Mom who brought it for me~ thanks mom!~ but it was sooo cool I had to give it it’s own photo. She also helped me pick out some pepper plants for my garden and has graciously agreed to bring me some plants from Pennsylvania later on so I can freshen up my yard foliage a bit.

Am I missing anything guys?

Trip to Wisconsin

Ahhh. It is so nice to travel again!
We spent a weekend in Wisconsin with the following Monday off of work so we could roam around and chill together. Haven’t decided yet where Monday will take us. It has been far too long since my husband and I have done a little mini-road trip, and with the last couple months being ridiculously stressful, we planned to just run off and go play for a while. Boy was this fun! To share a few highlights:

The National Mustard Museum

It used to be the Mt. Horeb Mustard Museum, but they have since relocated and expanded their name. We’ve been there several times now.

Getting cheese curds!
It’s this little Wisconsin tradition of ours- we always get a bag to munch in the car.

Roadside Photography
I’m sorry to say that there were a couple animals we missed- a giant frog shaped shed (he was fabulous) and an airplane. And I think there was a bunny in there somewhere, we just couldn’t stop for all of them. The important ones on this trip were the elephant and the giraffe from Delevan. There’s a report that there’s a bronze giraffe on a sidewalk in Baraboo, and we drove around for a while looking for him, but alas. If he’s there, he’s under a pile of snow.

Jogging Briskly Through the Dairy Shrine

We got there literally 4 minutes before they closed. Didn’t get many pictures, but this cow was pretty good. Next time we’re in the area, we’re going to set aside some time for this, because it’s a cool place.

Disappointment of the trip:
The Forevertron wasn’t open. Darn it, darn it, darn it. I really need to get some new pictures. We took a bunch when we were there, but I can’t find them anywhere. I fear they are lost.

Some Steampunk Goodness

This is the Forevertron, built by a modern-day mad scientist known as Dr. Evermore. (I borrowed the pictures I’m using here from a random Bing search because at this precise moment I can’t find my own.) As I understand it, he built this marvel out of scrap metal to prepare for the impending end of the world when he will teleport himself through outer space to some distant planet and repopulate the human race there. My husband and I have spent some time visiting Baraboo, WI, where this structure lives, and although these pictures are pretty funky, I gotta tell ya- it’s way cooler in real life. This thing is huge. The Wikipedia entry has a nifty panoramic photo of it, but it still only captures a fraction of all the stuff that has been built there.

A Happy Discovery!

Today while hubby and I were driving home on the interstate (we’d been out of town), I found sour gummi octopuses/octopi at a gas station! I was thrilled, I tell ya, because I haven’t seen the little guys anywhere around for quite some time, and they are one of my favorite gummi candies.

I got two bags and am eating them slowly since I don’t see them around where I live. Gummi Bears, Worms, and other such creatures, are such a great snack- for some reason, the shape really changes the texture and (seemingly) the flavor as well. I’m wanting to make some of my own now and am browsing through recipes. I think I will try this one as soon as I can either bring myself to spend money on a gummi bear candy mold or think of a good substitute.

A little levity to compensate for my stupidity.

An appropriate use of vandalism.

Sooo. Today. I came in late to work, and learned that the staff meeting that I thought was cancelled was actually still on and that I was supposed to be speaking. Also, I had a coworker come up to me and tell me that I turned on a piece of expensive and dangerous equipment and forgot about it for three hours.

That’s just the beginning- this has been a seriously, disasterously bad day. I don’t wanna think, I just want to eat and shop, and instead I am blogging some brainless humor. I think I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Maybe I will make something a little later and blog it as well. Then I’ll feel productive. I got these road signs here, which is a site I thought I’d flip through when something bad happened. It seemed like it wouldn’t involve thinking.

Yeah, it's no big deal. Our real problem is those pesky guys with permits! They won't leave!

If I were running a hotel, and I thought MY guests wanted a hand grenade for something, I can assure you that the last thing I would do is supply them with one.

For the vivacious dead, there is now an alternative to the standard coffin.

Monkeys! Hee hee. The mental image this produces for me was enough to get it included.

Obviously taken out of context, but still funny.

See, it’s mermaid fishing- they put a hunky male swimmer on the line and toss him in the water as bait…

The caption on this where I saw it was “waste not, want not.” Quite applicable.

I totally don’t understand this one- maybe it was supposed to say “pop?”

I am guessing this is a computer-translated reference to some special preparation of tripe, but even with that assumption, I don’t want any…

Loving my job again.

My husband and I visited the Dr. Seuss memorial in Massachusetts a couple years back.

Me: Hello. I am calling on behalf of the school. Are the parents of Suzie Q. (name changed to protect the innocent) available?
Suzie (she’s four): My mommy is sleeping.
Me: Oh! (surprised that the child answered the phone) Alright, I can call again in a little bit when your mommy is awake then.
Suzie: Who is this? (I introduce myself)
Suzie: Is school going to be very hard?
Me: Oh no, Honey. You’re gonna love school. Okay?
Suzie: Alright.
Me: I’ll call again in a little bit to talk to your mom then.
Suzie: Okay.
Me: Goodbye.
Suzie: (starting to sound like she can’t remember what to do at this point in the conversation) Hmmm. Ummm.

Okay, I really wasn’t looking forward to starting school again. That’s just the truth, but now I’m getting to know my new families and my new little students, and it’s good to be back.

Cast Iron Coin Bank

There were several coins already in the bank- apparently it's a lot easier to get them in than out.

This is on display at the Goessel Museum. There were a couple banks like this, but this one is the best. For twenty bucks, I almost bought it, but then what would I do with it? (Of course, I would dig out my pocket change and spend hours watching the little baby chick snap back and forth.)

Trip to Kansas

Giuseppi got stuffed at the German buffet. He says it was totally worth it.

We’re now visiting family and it is lovely. I’m a little worn out, but very thankful for the opportunity to meet and be with all the relatives. We spent the morning meeting cousins and listening to a presentation of family history, and then this evening we went to local restaraunt for German food, and it was quite tasty, I can tell you. Giuseppi ate way too much. I’m so mad that I left my camera at home, but my parents-in-law have graciously been letting me borrow theirs, so I got this candid of Giuseppi before he realized I was taking a picture…

We scanned a stack of pictures and visited a tiny local museum. The two shots below are a car that belonged to one of my husband’s ancestors and a plow with a motor built onto it. (There are a lot of inventors in this family.)

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