My Reading Rubric

For fiction, the elements that determine quality for me are style, plausibility, pace, character development and the author’s worldview. I define them as follows:

STYLE the author exhibits talent with the craft of writing; the sentences flow and the literary devices used are fresh and free of clichés; the reading is enjoyable and easy
PLAUSIBILITY the author provides ample support for what occurs in the story, however outlandish the plot points may be, and gives the reader a feeling that each one is only a course of nature
PACE the story develops at an appropriate speed; characters grow and evolve along a believable timeline
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT the characters are believable, original, interesting, and likable
WORLDVIEW the author’s message is consistent with reality; the book is balanced and moderate, without presenting some people group or some living philosophy unfairly

Semi-ripping off my brother’s likert scale here, 0= this book notably lacked in this area, 1= this book made a weak showing here, and 2= this book made a moderate showing in this area, 3=this book excelled in this area.


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