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Paper Fish Tank

So I found this in a stack of stuff under the couch. A while back, I was watching a group of kids in childcare, and we got into making paper collages, and this is the one I made.

angel fish

hermit crab

fish tank


Mudpuppy Paper School Playset

I found this cute little set of paper dolls on a clearance shelf somewhere and bought it for my kids. I made some extra pieces to give it a little ethnic diversity, and I added a few others- a mom bringing in some cupcakes and a giraffe (don’t ask why, I just thought he was cute).

You can download the little people I made, if you’d like, by clicking here. I didn’t make a downloadable school, but I’m thinking about it.

As a little aside, I’ll tell you that I reeeally want to make a little garden set for our Ladybug book, because we are building up promotional stuff to push the paper copies for Christmas. Yaaaay! I don’t want to labor this too much here and now, but the process is pretty much done, and we’re both excited to be able to present this, after all the work we put into it.

She’s asking nicely.

Paper Turtle!

This started as an attempt at simplifying a craft project for my preschoolers, but morphed into me making a paper turtle to share. He can be friends with the giraffe and the moose. Hooray! I will have to go back to the drawing board for the preschoolers.

Click here to download your very own PDF. Basically, all you have to do is cut and fold, but if you use regular printer paper it has trouble staying together so a little tape will help. If you use cardstock, it will stay together on its own better. As far as construction is concerned, the toughest part is folding the shell. I put the pictures below to clarify.

Ta-DA! You have a new paper turtle! The socks don’t stay on very well without tape, by the way.

Here my turtle is wearing socks- it’s kind of cold in my house right now, so I made some as an accessory.


Look what I got! It’s a boxed set of paper shoes for me to fold and put together and adore. That’s what the box says- make and adore. I just got this thing and I’ve made a reproduction of the Armadillo shoe by Alexander McQueen. I think once they’re all put together I will get a little tiny Christmas tree for my desk and have a shoe tree.

It took me less than a half hour of actual construction time, although I picked it up and put it down so many times that start to finish I don’t really know how long it was. These are super simple. Instant gratification. I think next I’m going to the Christian Louboutin Daffodil.

Painting Upholstery (for real)

I was hanging out with my mom a couple days ago, and we painted some upholstered chairs which she had been given. They were nice, but a little worn, and she was planning to reupholster them. Then she came across this blog post on painting upholstery fabric. No kidding! She thought it looked cool, and we both decided to give it a shot.

As we worked on this we came to the conclusion that the chairs will probably need new upholstery anyway (you can see in the picture how wretched the seat is on that chair, can’t you?), but it was still fun. There a few ways to do this, but we mixed acrylic paint with a fabric medium and painted like any other surface. The fabric still felt comfortably soft afterward, and the pattern showed through somewhat, giving it a unique dimension. Mom used a darker forest green sort of color, so hers wasn’t quite as transparent as mine (I used the softer apple green color in the pictures), but they still came out looking nice and it really freshened up the look of the chairs. Best of all, it was really easy and relatively inexpensive.

My Handmade Houseshoes

I made some house shoes from Angry Chicken:

and there they are. I’m so happy.

In my ongoing efforts at learning to sew clothes, I try to keep an eye open for projects that will assist me in figuring out what the heck I’m doing. I found this a while back and thought it would be a good way to practice a few different techniques, but as it turns out, the little shoesies are also quite comfortable. Yay, that! It’s a really simple project which you can get here, and it requires less than a foot of cotton and some kind of duck cloth (I used linen) for the soles as well as a yard of fold over elastic. Start to finish, this took me about two and a half hours, maybe three. Since I tend to take twice as long on sewing projects as everyone else seems to, I would say a person could do this in an hour and a half.

From a construction standpoint, they’re relatively sturdy. I don’t have a serger, so these were all done on my little Janome sewing machine and all the materials are completely machine washable. It would be hard to mess up putting them together- for me the toughest part of the whole thing was putting the FOE (which I bought at a local fabric shop) on it. If you look at the green elastic in the photo below you can see how much trouble I had getting the stitches to stay in a straight line. The FOE kept slipping off of the cotton, so I had to cut the seam and go back a few inches every so often, but aside from being a little sloppy at a close up, it hasn’t really affected how they look, and it certainly has impacted the wear.

They’re like those little foot covers for clean rooms.

Actually, they also kind of look like sleeping bags for potatoes. Or maybe a couple caterpillars having an animated gossip session. Hee hee.

My little house shoes are being really snarky about a pair of flip flops on the kitchen floor. Ladies, please.

I made a necklace.

My buddy came over last night and we had a jewelry party together- she made an amazingly cute bracelet and I made an amazingly cute necklace, and we are both now amazing for this. I’ve taken to using chain in my jewelry making these days because it’s so much more resilient than crimping beads on a wire. This project started when she and I got to talking about the lego jewelry I had just posted, and I had intended to post my newly crafted lego earrings or whatever, but instead this came out:

I went back and forth on whether I wanted the bead in the center on the bottom to be as big as it is, and my buddy voted on keeping it that way. This morning, however, I looked at it again and decided to switch it out. It hangs in more of a curve this way- with the heavier bead it hangs into a V-shape. I kind of can’t make up my mind which way I like better.

Isn’t the owl cute?

Star Wars Quiet Book by JulieBell

My newest new hobby, to go along with the two hundred other new hobbies I intend to take up one day, is going to be making quiet books! Check out this creation by Julie and tell me you don’t wanna make a Star Wars quiet book too! Click here to get the PDF to make one of your own.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isn’t that awesome?

And on a totally different note, I want to do this with my hair and maybe get a Betty Boop flapper dress and wear it with some long bead strings. Wouldn’t that be great? I LOVE Hailee Steinfeld in the top right shot.

Mae West Paper Doll

I cut out an ad for Tiffany’s Jewelers from a magazine and put the doll on top of the text for the picture 😀

The Mae West paper doll is complete! You can download it by clicking here. I considered making a color version along with the B&W, but it was taking too long and I thought this would be sufficient. After all- I mostly remember her in black and white, so that kind of justifies my leaving it like this. You’ll have to color them yourself if you want them otherwise.

I haven’t constructed one yet, so I’m not sure how well the doll works, but at least I made one and it’s just fine and there’s an awesome pdf to download if it doesn’t, and that really is the key to happinness in life anyway.

I think if she were alive today, she would wear Alexander McQueen. And it would be a fabulous combination.

DIY Mermaid Haircomb Chain Harness Thingy

I came across this a coupla days ago on shopbop and thought it was peachy.

As harness chain jewelery goes, it’s one of the better specimens. It has this Ren-Faire Mermaid kind of thing going- great with big loose wavy curls and an ankle length dress.

The nice thing about hair accessories like this is how easy they are to make. You will need six items: pliars, jump rings, connector bars, chain (I used two different types to give it dimension), combs, and epoxy. Altogether I spent about ten bucks on the metal findings, and I already had the pliars and epoxy, which respectively run about $2.50 and $10.00 for the low end materials you would want for this. If you go bargain hunting, you could conceivably do this whole thing for less than twenty dollars, if you are so inclined.

The construction is pretty straightforward, but I’ll outline it briefly anyway:

  1. Cut the chains to the lengths you want (I used about fourteen inches apiece).
  2. Attach the chains to the connector rings with a jump ring.
  3. Use the epoxy to fasten the connector rings to the combs. Make sure the rings are facing the same direction as the teeth of the combs.

Badda-bing, badda-boom.

I call this Schmotter collage "Steampunk Ren Faire Mermaid Goes to the Beach"

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