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Duckling Waterslide

This is what the world has been needing, folks. Here it is.

duckling waterslide

Baby duckies with their own waterslide!

*I used to have this embedded as a Youtube Clip, but apparently the user made it no longer embeddable or something, so I’m just gonna link, but it’s still worth seeing.



I couldn’t find another clip I was looking for- Andy and Don in what looks like a screentest. I saw it ages ago- the two are acting in similar roles to the ones they played in the show; a police officer and a bumbling new guy, if I remember correctly. It was something like that. They were an excellent pair with perfect comedic timing. I often play the Andy Griffith show in my house as white noise, and now that Andy has passed, I thought I would post about him in that role. Whenever a famous person dies, I feel sad as though I knew him or her personally (I bet most people feel a little like that). Of course, what we’re really mourning as fans and viewers is what they became in our imaginations, which is not really gone at all. I can go pop in an Andy Griffith Show DVD and play it in the kitchen and stil have a pretend 30’s sound playing in the background, and that will remain as long as I have the DVDs and my own opinions about the show. Thanks, guys.

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