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Django Django’s WOR

Here’s a song by Django Django with an intriguing video of the Indian Death Well riders. I think the song works well with the video footage and the notion of facing death simpy because it is your job. The men have such an interesting perspective on risk, don’t they? I’m not a hero, there is an element of danger in everything…

Happy Monday! Go do something risky and big today.


Princess Chelsea and the Cigarette Duet

Weird, weird, weird, but strangely hypnotic song about couples arguing about cigarettes. Don’t ask me if there’s any truth in the claim about break ups at the end there.

The Spring Standards

The video above is great, but the studio recording is below, and is a little more crisp.

A piano, a trumpet, and a snare drum, and aren’t they groovy? (Speaking of the studio recording, am I hearing a tuba in there too? I’m not normally a fan of the tuba, but if this is a tuba, then I approve.) I love the very last note she sings best of all (crooooooown!); that’s my favorite part of the song, but I love the overall flavor of this number. It reminds of the soundtrack to Amelie. These guys were yet another band I heard about because they were featured in a Paste magazine sampler.

Early Bird Indie

I like this channel on YouTube. I was gonna post the most recent song he (she?) uploaded, called Violet by Kiss Kiss Fantastic, but went with this one instead. I don’t know anything about the band Green Go. I just like this song. Let’s get our jetpacks!

Geggy Tah

It’s been a happy day, so I am posting this happy song by Geggy Tah. All I wanna do is to thank you, even though I don’t know who you are- you who let me change lanes, while I was driving in my car. Geggy Tah was a band made up of (among other things) two guys, Greg and Tom, each whose baby sisters couldn’t pronounce their names correctly. Aw. They produced a couple albums, but are not very well known. Love that trumpet solo!

Yeah. I’m driving to the city again tonight and traffic friendliness is always appreciated.

Honorable mention for music Monday: this song is just really great, although I don’t like rap. “Drop it in the mud, I eat donut dirt, Can’t help it, I eat donuts! Werd…” Equally happy song.

Blunt Mechanic

If this is fiction, which figment am I? Blunt Mechanic is one of my Paste finds. They have such a cool, junky sound. I love the rhythm and lyrics, and this stop-motion animated video goes really well with the song- I think the spider is my favorite part.

I just realized. I gotta take down my Paste banner, now that there is no saving Paste. Crud.

When you smile, it does something to my insides. For what it’s worth, you were great company in good times. When you smile, I feel okay- I feel like I did something with my day.

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