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Before there was Lana Del Rey

There was Julie London. We had a record of hers in our home that I used to play. Just a cello (maybe it was a bass) and her singing. It was quite beautiful. I sometimes play this on Sunday mornings:


I feel like I shouldn’t encourage this sort of thing…

but well, here is Lana Del Rey, the up-and-coming sort of indie, sort of grunge, sort of folksie but in reality just pretending to be all these things new name on the YouTube scene.

I wasn’t super excited by this song the first time I heard it, but by the end I thought I’d play it again, and then suddenly it was like opium or something. I just couldn’t stop listening… it’s really quite a hypnotic song. I don’t even know why. The lyrics are a bit silly, really, and her image is under fire as a pretentious rich kid trying to look like an artist instead of the next Rebecca Black (and her live performances are quite, quite bad). Whatever. I can’t seem to stop playing this song. It’s got such a weird melancholy, dreamy sound.

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