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Paloma Faith Paper Doll

The bowling alley is a reference to her brilliant video for New York, which doesn’t seem to want to embed. “Click here to watch it.

Yaaaay! I’ve finished my Paloma Faith Paper doll! Click here to print out your very own copy!

paloma bowl

I heard her music playing at a store a while back, and I liked it so much I got a copy of Fall to Grace. Pretty, cute-funky sound; I have a theory that she will always be compared to someone else, because she has such a faceted and colorful voice, doncha think? Each time I listen to her I think of some other singer that she’s invoking. I wonder if it annoys her. I also wonder a little how she feels about people making paper dolls of her, but those costumes, and that hair! How could I not? Well, Paloma, if you’re out there, I hope you like the paper doll I made.

paloma mansion

Unrelated: I don’t like upgrades that “simplify” things by making buttons look bigger and more cartoony and move all the features I’m accustomed to using to somewhere I have to hunt for half an hour to find them.


Black and Blue by Paloma Faith and the Beginnings of Another Paper Doll

Got this album a couple weeks back and I can’t stop listening.

Such a cool voice- and her style is adorable. She’s got this retro soul flair. Which is kind of the big thing now. I got inspired to make a paper doll, and I had intended to publish it along with this post, but it will need a bit more work before it will be ready. Here’s the beginning though:

the beginning of a new paper doll

the beginning of a new paper doll

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