Artists, art, and a little blatherskite.

I have found a great new time consuming hobby, and it is fishing around for different artists on the internet to look at what others are doing. is terrific for that- I acquired this a couple weeks back from seller dottylotty , who makes really fun and well-proportioned graphic art; I like all of her listings. Another etsy seller, mincingmockingbird, is also worth looking at. “If humor and beauty had a baby…” the work is really quite beautiful and the sarcastic humor is a good touch. This is my favorite of hers. The picture here is from Art&Ghosts, who graciously allowed me to share one of her images, aptly named Ruby-
This is the original post from her blog. Her work appealed to me because of how alive the creatures in her paintings all seemed, in spite of how palid they are. A little nod to my goth side, but tasteful and grown-up. The little girl akwardly holding all those animals at once, smiling with her slightly open mouth, slightly vapid expression, but the feeling when you look at her eyes that there is a brain behind them. She looks, as do all the children in her paintings, so real to me. In contrast to the other-worldly composition of the picture, the overall effect is a strange and compelling cute. She gets a lot of good mileage out of white.


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  1. louise (art+ghosts) Said:

    thanks for sharing your thoughts about Ruby here, which are refreshing and original – such things always add to an image, for me, and help me to perceive it in new ways, which is always a good thing!

    lou x

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