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I couldn’t find another clip I was looking for- Andy and Don in what looks like a screentest. I saw it ages ago- the two are acting in similar roles to the ones they played in the show; a police officer and a bumbling new guy, if I remember correctly. It was something like that. They were an excellent pair with perfect comedic timing. I often play the Andy Griffith show in my house as white noise, and now that Andy has passed, I thought I would post about him in that role. Whenever a famous person dies, I feel sad as though I knew him or her personally (I bet most people feel a little like that). Of course, what we’re really mourning as fans and viewers is what they became in our imaginations, which is not really gone at all. I can go pop in an Andy Griffith Show DVD and play it in the kitchen and stil have a pretend 30’s sound playing in the background, and that will remain as long as I have the DVDs and my own opinions about the show. Thanks, guys.

Mae West Paper Doll

I cut out an ad for Tiffany’s Jewelers from a magazine and put the doll on top of the text for the picture 😀

The Mae West paper doll is complete! You can download it by clicking here. I considered making a color version along with the B&W, but it was taking too long and I thought this would be sufficient. After all- I mostly remember her in black and white, so that kind of justifies my leaving it like this. You’ll have to color them yourself if you want them otherwise.

I haven’t constructed one yet, so I’m not sure how well the doll works, but at least I made one and it’s just fine and there’s an awesome pdf to download if it doesn’t, and that really is the key to happinness in life anyway.

I think if she were alive today, she would wear Alexander McQueen. And it would be a fabulous combination.

Mae West

Mae West. I couldn’t pick a favorite song, so I’m posting two. She really wasn’t a very good singer, was she? Not super pretty either, if you ask me (which no one ever did). She just had such great stage presence- she was a very glamorous lady.

I’m making a paper doll- I had intended to make it downloadable to go with this post, but it isn’t done yet. Almost.

This song is “Easy Rider,” and was the first thing I ever heard of her. A woman lamenting that her favorite jockey is no longer around, and now she keeps losing money. Keep it classy, Girl. I love it.

Burma-Shave Book (and me trying my hand at vintage slang)

The Verse by the Side of the Road : The Story of the Burma-Shave Signs and Jingles

If you aren’t hip(hep?) to Burma-Shave, let me just put you in orbit. Burma-Shave had this koo-koo (coo-coo?) weirdsville routine where those crazy advertizing cats would plant a series of signs along the roadsides. The lines, when read one after another, would make a little jingle that typically was relevant to the Burma-Shave product. I would gladly purchase Burma-Shave based on this alone. I’m guessing it was shaving cream, but the truth is, I don’t know.

I became wise to this coolsville book (I don’t know a good fifties word for book, but I bet a million bucks they had one) the other day. It was on a table with a bunch of used books at some store, where they collected old books and resold them and gave the proceeds to charity or something, and can you BELIEVE someone threw this out?

I hope I haven’t missused any of these terms; really I just liked the idea of using “vintage slang.” I’m kind of a square that way…

The Fick Museum

We visited the Fick Fossil and History Museum in Oakley, KS last week. The founder, Vi Fick, lived in the area near the Monument Rocks, and had a knack for finding fossils- tons and TONS of fossils, which she collected, painted and collaged. She’s produced some remarkable pieces, the most impressive being the floral arrangements.

The petals on these flowers are seashells, and the vases are made of shark vertebrae with oil paint for the background and on the fossils.

This is an oil painting with sharks’ teeth and bones.

This is a shot of the Monument Rocks from a distance. They seem so out of place sticking up out of the desert like they do.

This is me, standing by one of the rock formations to lend proportion.

The museum has a small collection of other miscelaneous artifacts from days gone by, which I thought merited a few photos too. How do you like that toy waffle iron?

Dr. Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators

I do love me some Steampunk stuff. What’s not to love? Especially when it is as awesome as this. Dr. Grordbort has produced an exquisite line of ray guns to equip the danger seeking adventure cartoon hero or grownup real life human being who wants to go to Comic Con with a cool toy to show off. The one pictured above is my personal favorite, the Pearce 75 Atom Ray Gun. I’m thinking that if Marvin the Martian ever shows up with those weirdo instant just-add-water birdie alien warrior things, I’ll be ready for combat with that bad boy.

This is by artist Empyrisan from Deviantart

A Case of Spring Fever

I’ve referenced Mystery Science Theater 3000 before; it’s one of my favorite shows. I use it for white noise at home all the time. If you aren’t famliar with this gem of Americana, let me encourage you to scoot on over to its Hulu page and watch some. Monster A Go-Go is probably the best in that list. The premise is that this guy Joel has been launched into outer space by mad scientists who perform an ongoing inhumane experiment on him in which he is forced to watch terrible movies and somehow this benefits the mad scientists in ways never explained to the viewers. The guy (Joel, later replaced by Mike) created some robots to keep him company, and together they watch the awful movies and ridicule them, and that is the show. The clip above is at the beginning of one of the episodes. No Springs!

Oh man is that funny. Brought to you by the Spring Council of America… I don’t know who in the world created a short about springs, but I’m glad they’ve boldly raised the issue of spring awareness.

My miniature Slinky Dog.

I dig vintage stuff.

I’m trying to get my coworkers to say “groovy” and “on the level,” but they’re being a buncha squares about it. I brought it up at a staff meeting on Wednesday morning, and one of the other ladies flat out told me that she was, in fact, part of the establishment, and would not comply. Sheesh.

Not-quite-old but sort of oldish stuff is really cool! I love retro! I have a shelf full of vintage toys above my computer desk. They are a joy. (Rosie the Riveter action figure! I bought it at a store called Poopsies, and you should check out their website.)

This evening I went out to Target to get… oh, I forget what, and saw the slinky and the Lucky Charms and I seriously bought them both because of the packaging.

Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

Now that February is upon us (almost), I am starting to think through Valentine’s Day plans. I love holidays that involve me hanging around with my man or spending money on him. Yep. I dug out this box of Valentine cards in honor of the season. I got them a while back, but not too far back- they look like they’re a bajillion years old, but I think I picked them up at Barnes or somewhere on a clearance table. There’s glitter on them, although it doesn’t show unless you click on the image to see them enlarged.

I still don’t know who to give them to- maybe I’ll just mail them to random friends or something- they’re so lovely. Yeah, maybe that’s what I’ll do.

Two more things on the subject of vintage paper art:

I’ve been updating my blogroll and wanted to point out the addition of Marlendy. This is a blog mostly about paper dolls although some greeting cards and other such paper art gets slipped in here and there. It’s quite a treasure; she has some really cool uploads from out of print magazines.

Secondly, I found this the other day and fell in love with the artwork. Don’t think about the song or the context- just look at the pictures. Aren’t they cute?

Some Steampunk Goodness

This is the Forevertron, built by a modern-day mad scientist known as Dr. Evermore. (I borrowed the pictures I’m using here from a random Bing search because at this precise moment I can’t find my own.) As I understand it, he built this marvel out of scrap metal to prepare for the impending end of the world when he will teleport himself through outer space to some distant planet and repopulate the human race there. My husband and I have spent some time visiting Baraboo, WI, where this structure lives, and although these pictures are pretty funky, I gotta tell ya- it’s way cooler in real life. This thing is huge. The Wikipedia entry has a nifty panoramic photo of it, but it still only captures a fraction of all the stuff that has been built there.

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