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Kate Spade is Cozy and Chic for Autumn

And now for some random fashion gushing!

Check out the autumn offerings by Kate Spade New York.
I spotted the “Lively” pump at Nordstrom in a display with some of the other new accessories, and fell in love real hard. I mean, look at this thing! The brown ribbon with the signature bow, the thicker heel and the softly burnt orange (not red as the website calls it) … I wanna get a cup of hot apple cider and, and… wear hats and… get my scarves out and sit outside smelling leaves and sipping my apple cider with these shoes.

I loved it so much I thought I’d blog it all. Yummy yummy, if I had a million dollars… well, maybe I still wouldn’t be able to justify laying down four hundred dollars for a pair of shoes, but if I had a million dollars AND these shoes were more reasonably priced, why then, brother I would buy them all!

The polka dots are good eye candy, especially complimenting the brown and orange color pallette. Everybody likes circles, right? Sleek, a bit modern, and very feminine.

After the Olymia le Tan book clutches appeared, everyone started making book clutches of their own, and this dictionary clutch is my favorite one from the KS line- I thought it went very nicely with the theme of cozy warm autumn things.

And these last few pieces are the funny/cute “Pardon my French” accessories (really- they’re called Pardon my French hee hee):

You can find most of these things on the KS website here, which is where I got the pictures. (FYI, I just posted this because I loved the shoes and stuff- I don’t get paid to post these things.)

The Necessities of Life

This isn’t much of a post, but I got some new shoes today (the iridescent teal/purple ones) and I thought I’d take a quick snapshot of them and maybe tag them onto a post or something, and then I got carried away and it turned into a photosession.

I hope you like them!

Something I will never want, and also something I want

There is a trend right now in frou-frou food service places, and it is this:

and I don’t understand it. I mean, when I hear the term “handcrafted,” the image that conjures up for me is this.

This image is from Make and Takes

I got this card a couple years ago, and thought it summed up my point nicely. No one needs to be reminded of how much their food has been handled before they eat it. Seriously, folks. “Handcrafted oatmeal” is one item I will never want to order. Eeeeww.

And then on a totally unrelated note, I just saw these online, and now I need them desperately and cannot live without them.

Where can I get one?! Seriously! I can’t find a place to buy one of my own, and I don’t know that I can carry on much longer if I don’t get a Minnie Mouse ears ring. Or the Alice wig one- drool.

The Berry is Awesome

Here is a random set of images I found on the Berry this past week. I’m growing to love that site.

I made a Lego Bracelet!

There ya go.

I really need to go to bed, but I finished this thing and figured it really deserved a post. Behold, my lego bracelet. What do you think?

I made a necklace.

My buddy came over last night and we had a jewelry party together- she made an amazingly cute bracelet and I made an amazingly cute necklace, and we are both now amazing for this. I’ve taken to using chain in my jewelry making these days because it’s so much more resilient than crimping beads on a wire. This project started when she and I got to talking about the lego jewelry I had just posted, and I had intended to post my newly crafted lego earrings or whatever, but instead this came out:

I went back and forth on whether I wanted the bead in the center on the bottom to be as big as it is, and my buddy voted on keeping it that way. This morning, however, I looked at it again and decided to switch it out. It hangs in more of a curve this way- with the heavier bead it hangs into a V-shape. I kind of can’t make up my mind which way I like better.

Isn’t the owl cute?

Lego Jewelry Anyone?

My childish nerd self ran headfirst into my costume jewelry addict self and invited my eternally-starting-new-projects self over to join the fun. I found this post on the Berry today and immediately knew in my heart that I needed to start a new unfinishable project: making lego jewelry! Ooooooh.

I’m absolutely beside myself about it. I’m giddy. I’ve got something wrong with me.

Lego Box for my Makeup Brushes

I’ve had these makeup brushes that keep falling out of the little vinyl bag thing where I keep them, plus they’re getting smushed in my ridiculously oversized handbag, and I thought a hard-shell box for them might be a good solution. Thanks to a wonderful (free) software application known as Lego Digital Designer, I was able to put together a good sized box idea, with the exact number of pieces and their product numbers. It used to be (and still will be until Jan. 16, 2012) that you could finish a project in this sorta lego cad program and then order the set, but that is going away now. Sad, sad thing. Well, you can still build virtual lego buildings, and you can still make your own designs, and this is mine. By the way, it’s been rendered over a desert background.

This box is going to be about 5″x7″x2″ and I will use this plastic adhesive by Testors to keep it from coming apart. Rather than take advantage of the few remaining days of the Designed by Me shipping program, I am gonna just search for all these pieces in goodwill toy aisles and lego stores, because this thing would cost me a fortune. Also, in a fit of economizing religious ferver, I made a hasty promise to quit buying legos for the rest of the year. That would still give me about two weeks to buy the set, but I could probably find most of these by rummaging through extras I’ve got and looking through used toys stores. I just took some medicine that is supposed to make me sleepy, and sure enough, I’m starting to droop over my keyboard. I hope this post makes sense.

Winter Accessories from Burdastyle

I made some arm warmers last year and was very happy with them. I have since attempted to make another set for a friend, but I haven’t found the right fabric, although the onslaught of cold weather has made me renew my efforts at hunting down the material I will need. They’ll probably never get done at this rate, but oh well. Meanwhile, Burdastyle has some other really nifty winter accessory DIYs that I can distract myself with…

I wanna make some spats. Definitely spats, but maybe also the headwrap and that awesome bomber hat. I think the spats are actually gonna happen.

Feather dresses make people look like muppets.

Stylelist published this article pointing out how Anna Dello Russo looks a lot like Big Bird in her yellow feather dress. I agree completely- check out the picture they included with the post:

Hee hee.
Ladies, feathers on dresses need to be very strategically located, or they make you look like you skinned a muppet.

Now this is just my humble opinion, but I do believe they kind of lend an old Hollywood glamour to a gown, if they’re not plastered over the bodice like a suit of armor. I keep thinking of Eva Gabor (I gave up looking for a better picture of her). Feather boa on the shoulders? Um, okay. Vittoria Puccini was amazing at the Venice film festival in her white Versace gown, and she didn’t look she had just gotten mugged by a technicolor ostrich. It can be done. The feathered evening wear look can work.

But right now, it just keeps being this:

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